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    With winter workouts in full swing (at least here in the North East). Thought I'd post a video. As some recall I posted pictures from my son's summer travel team (LL travel) at the end of last season. This is the same idea. We're going into our 3rd season (10U) with basically the same group of kids. While all (most?) teams at this age seem to have some level of drama, we've been fortunate to keep it to a minimum. The video doesn't contain home runs or diving stops, just kids and their families having a good time playing baseball in the summer. Enjoy:

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    Very nice.
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      Nice montage. It's little things like that that make the difference. A few of the moms on my sons team are always doing stuff like that and sending pictures through shutterfly to print. It's the little things that can make or break a team. My sons team is like yours 11U without the drama and it's funny cause we have the same exact jersey as you guys. NE team also.

      What the people getting into coaching the travel teams need to understand is pick a team based on kids who fill roles (don't just pick the biggest kids at 7) and expect your team to be great forever, and pick a team with solid parents. The parents can destroy everything and suck all the fun out of it. Our team when we went to Ripken this year it was spent with the parents hanging outside together watching games and drinking beers. The kids ran around being kids. We had team dinners everyone enjoyed everyones company. My son was asked to join another town team to go to Ripken. The parents broke off into their little groups and bitched about everyone else. Then they went home. Which team would you rather have? Sometimes a good kid has to not be picked for the team next year because the parent is a cancer.


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