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    what i do when im in a slump is hit the batting cages...hard

    you need a partner for what i do.

    1. start by soft tossing normally
    2. have partner soft toss from behind you (helps you wait on pitches to come to you)
    3. have partner drop baseball into strike zone (i dont think this is all to great, but i keep it in my routine. the partner has to reach out as far as he can, holding it above the strike zone. you have to be careful about this drill)
    4. from behind a screen, have your partner bounce the ball to you from directly in front of you. it should be one bounce, right into the strike zone. this helps you from looping and you'll make better contact
    5. this one is hard to explain but your partner will toss the ball into the zone from infront of you and you swing with both hands, driving your back leg up and across your body. dont drag your leg up, thrust it. you'll really see the ball take off.
    6. do a normal round, full swing with your partner tossing from infront of you. after step 5, your hips will open up better and you'll be driving the ball all over the field.

    this always works for me without fail. unfortunately practice isnt long enough for me to do this everyday and nobody wants to stick around after practice everyday so i cant always do this.


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