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Have high school sports become irrelevant to college recruiters?

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    Originally posted by JettSixty View Post
    The relevance of high school ball is more for pro prospects. High school ball allows scouts to see the prospect before the draft. While the level of competition isn't as challenging scouts are looking at tools not results six months later from the last time they saw them play in the summer against top competition.
    Agree with this. I was able to witness this in the short 15 game season we had this year. On my son's high school team there is a potential first round pick, and two other players who would have been potential top 20 round picks in normal years. There were pro scouts at every single game this year. I think one game, where there was a top 5 round pick on the other team, there was 40 something scouts there. Kind of cool to see the circus each game.

    The team also had 6 D1 signees, 1 top D2 signee, 3 D1 committs and a couple other kids who are ranked very high in PG and PBR. But I only ever saw one college coach at our games. He was passing through town and stopped to say hi to 3 of the kids who are either signed to that school or are committed.


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