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Want to hear about your experience with any of these travel teams

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  • Want to hear about your experience with any of these travel teams

    I have someone who will be trying out for the following 2020 travel teams. All of them are fairly elite level teams and I'm not sure that this person has a chance of making any of them, but I wanted to hear from anyone out there who may have or have had experience with any of these teams. If so, could you let me know what you liked or dislike about them? Here are the teams:

    Tri-State Arsenal (NJ)
    All Star Baseball Academy (PA)
    US Elite Baseball (PA)
    EvoShield Canes (MD/VA)


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    No personal experience - just what I hear/heard...from others.

    Tri-State: Will play the Trout card heavy. Will bring in mercenaries for tournaments while your kid who paid, and attends all the practices, sits. Per the person I spoke to "Kids will come in and play. You've never seen them before, and, more times than not, you may never see them again. Meanwhile, you made the trip to the tournament and your kid never plays."

    US Elite: Spoke to a dad of a player. He was from Delaware. Kids on the team were from New York state, New Jersey, Pittsburgh...all over the place, far and wide. He said, when the whole roster of 15 is there, they are "stacked." I saw them missing a few "key players" (per the dad) and they still destroyed people. Per the dad, they have no central base of operations. (There's a PO Box in PA, or something like that.) They NEVER practice as a team. Kids are scouted and selected and that's how they fill out the roster and the positions. Everyone is expected to do their own work, on the side, back at home, and then just show up for the tournament and play.


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      Thanks BBSG. This is exactly whaat I'm looking for. Just want to get anyone's experience or what you may have heard from others so I can get a better perspective on what this kid may be getting into. Frankly the All Star Baseball Academy option is what I would be leaning toward. They actually practice together, they seems to want to put a good core group of young kids together that would stay together through graduation and it's local. But he wanted to check out other options.


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        A former teammate of my son's played for one of Arsenals teams last year...the Dad said that there were no instances of guests swooping in. (I don't think that the kid was on the top team in the age group so maybe that is why). Have gone to clinic's put on by the team and in my opinion the instruction is terrific.

        Another former teammate of his is on EvoShield Canes...the kid loves it. Travels quite a bit to play with them. We actually ran into them at PG in Lakepoint recently and saw them play....they are absolutely stacked.


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          - Tri-State Arsenal (NJ)
          - EvoShield Canes (MD/VA)

          Canes are the Best of the BEST programs in the nation... Players are all committed to top D-1's...

          TRI-State is a GREAT program with 50-100% of their players committed to D-1's...

          Not familiar with the other two organizations...

          Good luck.
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            Thanks everyone! Keep the comments coming. Any and all information will at least give me a starting point here.


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              Tri-State Arsenal:
              Some don't realize/notice they have 2, 3 or even 4 teams at each Age.
              The top team at each age is really good ("PRIME" team) - the other teams range from decent - down to just "collecting checks".

              Also they do call in "guest players" for the bigger tournaments!
              Just look at their roster for last weekends WWBA Championship - I don't think those kids from Florida and Georgia are showing up to practices in New Jersey.


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                My older son is same age (2020). Have played against all the teams...But like a lot of these programs, it depends on the particular team he's on and the coaches that year. Also in your general area GoWags always has a good program.


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                  No personal experience, but in our area there are a number of Canes teams (NC) and we've seen many from the VA area. Central NC had two versions of a Canes team. One is the hired guns Canes teams with kids spanning 3-4 hours drive between players and you just show up to tourneys and play. Another one is a local team in a high population area that gets a lot of work in a core group from one of the coach's batting centers. Still they have players from 30-40 minutes away. Always very competitive and strong in the area. The VA Canes teams (Chesterfield area) seemed to be a bit weaker. Don't know if it was a cost issue or what. They have talented kids in that region.

                  I think it really comes down to what one's expectations are with these sorts of teams. These aren't going to be IMG Academy types...but they aren't going to be your run of the mill travel programs. Emphasis will be on winning.


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                    Agree totally and yes, the GoWags are solid. We've played against them and they always field strong teams.


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                      Have only ran into Evo teams, but as Bolts said, they are the best of the best, and from all that I've heard have a good reputation. Know several kids that play for the organization and have heard no complaints except that they can be on the pricey side as far as dues. They typically get the prime game locations and times, and have the roster/talent to run deep in just about any tournament they're in, which is where anyone looking to be seen on a national level needs to be.
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                        Have a 2020 trying out for ASBA as well. Have had a meeting with them a few weeks ago and a conversation with one of their coaches, don't have alot of details yet on price, schedule etc. But the futures teams seem to have a good reputation and what you mentioned about practicing together and keeping kids together is what my impression is as well.
                        Have seen the Arsenal teams as well, not much first hand knowledge, but yes they have a few teams and the top-level ones are quite good.


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                          First we know if the kid just wants to showcase, or to get better.
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                            Honestly he wants both. He definitely has aspirations of playing in college and based on what I've seen, most of these programs are looking to get the players in front of the right coaches and set realistic expectations. My concern is, making a lower level team in one of these programs is not going to get this and I really wanted to get everyone's opinions on strengths and weaknesses for each of these.

                            Great posts! Keep them coming.


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                              What age group? I should've prefaced my comment by saying it was limited exposure to 13 and younger.


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