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  • Authors/Editors/Organizers??

    Not sure if this is where I should post, but since it has to do with books...I figured this was the best place, goes:

    I was just wondering, well, a couple things actually.

    1. If there was a complete encyclopedia about baseball, would you buy it? FULL baseball information, available as a set or by individual volumes.

    2. Is anyone here an author (baseball books or otherwise)...or does anyone here besides me have good organizational skills?

    I'd really love to get help from authors (or organized persons interested) and do a full baseball encyclopedia...or at least contribute to one in some way, if anyone knows of anything like this in the works. There are plenty of "encyclopedia's" out there, but most are single volume books, consisting soley of players/stats or the like. What I'm talking about would be "baseball EVERYTHING"....

    I'd love to do seperate volumes consisting of (no particular order here):

    History (COMPLETE history) of how the game started to now.
    Leagues from tee-ball leagues to MLB play...with resources in finding leagues for all ages...USA as well as "overseas" "your" area.
    Uniforms from their start, to all of the professional teams, what's changed, what hasn't, etc.
    Stats on everyplayer who's every played...but more than "just stats"...these would have to be divided into at least 5 volumes (last names, A - E, F - J, etc.) with their stats, as well as how they got started, a glimpse into their personal lives such as marriage, children, if their children play (sandlot to MLB)...players from Class A to MLB (and the AAGPBL) would be included.
    Tools of the Trade covering everything from the types of equipment used at every level, what's changed, when certain "tools" were introduced (like the batting helmet, batting gloves, etc.), what's considered legal for the different levels of play from bat sizes and types to the balls, etc.
    Rules again divided by seperate volumes, from tee-ball to MLB (both "here" in the USA and around the world). Do other countries play even slightly different than "we" do? I know we've got plenty of overseas fans here who play as well as "just watch".

    There's so much more.....but I'd really like to work on/see someone do this. I know I'd buy them all!

    I bought a "Writer's Guide" a few years look for agents (found one, but for biographies...for another book I'm working on) and I was debating getting a newer version of the book (it's updated every year) for any agents who would take "sports-based" books or, specifically "baseball-based" books.

    Just wondering if I should spend my money on a new one of those writer's guides...if it would be worth it to try to find someone willing to take on this big of a project...or if it would even be worth it.

    Since we're all relatively big baseball fans....figured I'd ask "at the source" to see if there would be enough interest to even seriously think of working on a project such as this. But I would need authors' help...and possibly some with great organizational get the project going, if it seems worthy.

    With the vast amount of resources available on the net, as well as information from books, articles, etc. I think it's a great idea, but we'd need at least 20 people or so to help collect the data and another 10 or so to keep everything organized. Or (for any authors here) would an agent help with this aspect, too...of gathering other authors/editors/organizers? Can't forget the mighty editors....especially if I'm writing....I tend to get a bit wordy, don't I? LOL

    All in all...if this sounds like something you'd buy...let me know. I'd love your opinions.
    "There is no logical reason why girls shouldn't play baseball. It's not that tough. Not as tough as radio and TV announcers make it out to be ... Some can play better than a lot of guys who've been on that field." ~ Hank Aaron

    "Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing." ~ Warren Spahn

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