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ESPN Classic never shows baseball games

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  • 64Cards
    Now they even show "Classic Poker" and "Classic Bowling"...nothing against either activity, I can have fun doing either, along with knocking down a few cold ones while I'm at it. But can anyone show me much difference between a bowling match from 1992 or one that is live?

    As for poker, when in the hell did that become a "sport?" Will they next be showing old ladies playing slot machines?

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  • wamby
    Guest replied
    Classic Sports Network was much better before it was taken over by ESPN. I think the beginning of the end of ESPN Classic's dealing with baseball in a competant matter was during the 2004 ALCS when they dropped all their scheduled programming to only show Red Sox and Yankees programming. Cinsidering the fact that they kept rerunning about four or five games this seemed to me to be a very bad decision and they don'r seem to have shown much baseball since then.

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  • TonyK
    Shouldn't PBS or the Learning Channel be carrying the National Spelling Bee?How is spelling a sport?

    My son did very well in our countywide spelling bee contests and finished as the #1 boy. I was as tense during it as I was during his LL All Star games. The word salve tripped him up. It cost him a savings bond.

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  • DTF955
    Sounds like a good list. I remember liking it when watching a few times, but didn't have the money to up my cable for just that one channel; I watch hardly any TV anyway, and now noe at all.

    I saw the 1980 World Series Game 6 just before I became a huge fan. This was back in the late 1990s, though, and I figured maybe it would get better as they found more relics from thepast.

    It sounds like instead, they want to make you think anything that happened 5 minutes ago is already a classic :-(

    When will these stations learn thaat you can't make money if everyone is like everyone else? The key to making a name for yourself is finding a niche that's unique. There are already a bunch of sports things focusing on current stuff. (I could say the same int he TSN thread.)

    However, if there aren't that many games available...well, there should still be some

    ANd hey, if they think black and white would be boring, if they made the colors accurate, I wouldn't even mind watching a colorized version of a game from the 1950s or earlier. It doesn't have to be perfect - it can be fsorta like the way color TV was in the early days, from what I've seen they just couldn't get the contrast right or something in some of those shows from the first year or two of color.)

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  • scribe114
    It's pretty much a seasonal thing with ESPN Classic as far as I can see.

    The Bowling binges and "Cheap Seats" marathons are getting a bit old, andd they really haven't broke any new ground with Sportscentury. They are doing a lot on current athletes and that to me takes the "classic" out of the channel. There are a lot of athletes they could still do.


    Jimmie Foxx (Definitely)
    Lefty Grove
    Whitey Ford
    Phil Rizzuto
    Al Kaline (Definitely)
    Combo: Willie, Mickey and the Duke
    Lou Boudreau
    Robin Roberts
    Richie Ashburn

    (Voices of the game week)
    Red Barber
    Jack Buck
    Ernie Harwell
    Harry Caray
    Mel Allen

    Dick Allen
    Ernie Banks
    Mike Schmidt (maybe they did this one already?)
    Ken Caminiti
    Tony Gwynn
    Don Drysdale
    Milt Pappas (If you read his book you would agree)
    Lou Brock
    Ron Santo
    Joe McCarthy
    Alex Rodriguez

    Football (Most I wanted to see have been done)

    Otto Graham
    Y.A. Tittle
    Sammy Baugh
    Bobby Layne


    Goalies week

    Terry Sawchuk
    Glenn Hall
    Tony Esposito
    Ken Dryden
    Grant Fuhr

    Defenseman week

    Red Kelly
    Doug Harvey
    Larry Robinson
    Pierre Pilote
    Denis Potvin

    Dave "The Hammer" Schultz
    Mark Messier
    Brad Park
    Ted Lindsay
    Jean Beliveau


    None that I can really think of they have done a very good job with Basketball IMO

    Agree with the choices? let me know what you think, feel free to generate your own list.

    Take Care....

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  • PopTop
    Originally posted by Baseball Guru
    Who cares about baseball when you can watch the 1997 Spelling Bee not once but twice tomorrow?

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  • Baseball Guru
    Who cares about baseball when you can watch the 1997 Spelling Bee not once but twice tomorrow?


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  • Redondos
    Even when ESPN Classic showed those baseball games, practically all of them were edited, anyway. I think the final straw for me was when they added that sports ticker. Haven't watched that crap since.

    If you want pre-1980 baseball broadcasts that are complete, go to my site.

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  • 64Cards
    Agreed, they've pretty much ruined it. Unfortunately, there are hardly any MLB games available on tape before the late 60's, but plenty from the 70's and you're right, they hardly ever showed those or college football from that era. Also used to show old MLB highlight films from 50's & 60's,plus they would also show old Roller Derby and pro wrasslin' matches, which were funny to watch. Now they have all this crap like "Classic Now" and 5 Reasons You Can't Blame So & So and those 2 dorks on at 9pm, who are funny for about 5 minutes. I do like the "Arliss" reruns though. But I rarely watch the channel anymore.

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  • Cubsfan97
    Didn't they play Baseball Weekly or something at like 7 in the morning (Central Time Zone)? I remember watching it before school, now I leave at 6:40 for High School. I could think of a bunch of cool stuff they could show. They never have any documentaries on baseball either. I go to On Demand under HBO for documentaries. They don't always have baseball though. They should also find really old games from like the 30's or 40's and play them even if nothing exciting happened. I bet people would watch that.

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  • Brian McKenna
    espn classic does do things seasonally but they used to have baseball all year anyway (here and there) - i've actually been reading their schedule every month for at least 3-4 years and noticed a big drop off probably 2-3 months ago - in fact i didn't even look at december's schedule because they hadn't been doing baseball in a while so i figured they would show anything in december that i would want to tape

    it's the pre-1980 games that draw my interest - unfortunately their library is mighty slim

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  • .406
    definantly. I can think of a bunch that they could show and have people sit for the whole 3 hours.
    1. Roger Clemens 1st 20K Game
    2. 1988 WS Game 1 (Kirk Gibson Walk Off!)
    3. 2004 ALCS Game 5 (Papi w/ the Walk-Off)
    4. 1986 WS Game 6 (As Much as I Hate It) (Screw Buckner)
    5. Pete Rose 4,192
    6. 1975 WS Game #6 (Carlton Fisk!)
    7. 7/24/2004 Yankees @ Red Sox (The A-Rod/Tek Brawl)
    8. 2001 WS Game 7

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  • Mattingly
    I'd forgotten to mention, if you have Tivo, if trying to auto-schedule profiles on baseball stars, you'd use:

    Title: SportsCentury
    Category: Sports
    Subcategory: Baseball

    I'm not sure how other DVRs work, but you'll have to figure those out separately.

    It's worth noting that there's only about 1 more week left in the regular NFL season, so they're focusing now more on past NFL greats, as we enter the pro football playoffs.
    Last edited by Mattingly; 12-19-2005, 11:20 PM.

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  • Brian McKenna
    just went through their january listings and not one baseball game - they only repeated the same 15-20 anyway - i emailed them asking about showing some old web gem of the year shows a while back - they never answered

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  • chiefpaddy
    I wish they would show the old Home Run derby shows, they were great. And it's always fun to see old Wrigley Field in LA.

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