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  • Thinking Fan's Guide to Baseball

    I just started this book by Leonard Koppett, and it is really good. I'm only on page 55, but it provides some real good insight and I was wondering if anyone else has read it and what you thought.

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    loved that book - i always thought koppett was more interested in facts instead of drama than many sportswriters - i read it a couple years ago but at times i recall its essence - i'll read it again sometime - makes you appreciate the skill it takes to play the game as opposed to the other major sports - also gives you an understanding why it is essential to develop into the game from a young age - a big part of the reason why the sport is slow to grow internationally - many never developed the skills you only get better by playing against better players


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      I saw this thread this morning while at work. I checked what readers had to say about it on the Borders website, and after work I went to Borders and bought it. I know I'll like this one. Thanks for the (incidental) heads-up!


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        I just picked up the original version of this book published in 1967 under the title, A Thinking Man's Guide To Baseball. So far it's a pretty good read. I wonder how much the book has changed (if at all) in 40-ish years.


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          This book is a classic, perhaps the classic book of baseball.


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