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  • steelcurtain76
    Originally posted by Bill Burgess View Post
    I have the book but have not read it. But I have used some photos from it.

    What about the book written by Graham in 1944-5? I have read that is an excellent book.

    McGraw really intrigues me.


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  • Bill Burgess
    Originally posted by steelcurtain76 View Post
    Has anyone ever read The Real McGraw published in 1953 and written by John McGraw's wife?
    I have the book but have not read it. But I have used some photos from it.

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  • steelcurtain76
    Has anyone ever read The Real McGraw published in 1953 and written by John McGraw's wife?

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  • Meely
    Bats,Brats, and Stats

    The best baseball book I have read in recent memory was Bats, Brats, and Stats by George Brennan. Yankees fans of the 1977-1978 teams will really appreciate it, but anyone who eats and breathes baseball will devour this book up.

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  • Bill Burgess
    Frank 'Home Run' Baker: Hall of Famer and World Series Hero, by Barry Sparks, 2005, 288 pp.
    My Fifty Years in Baseball, by Edward Grant Barrow, with James M. Kahn, 1951, 216 pp.
    Chief Bender's Burden: The Silent Struggle of a Baseball Star, by Tom Swift, 2008, 368 pp.
    A League of My Own: Memoir of a Pitcherfor the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, by Patricia I. Brown, 2003, 216 pp.
    The Father of Baseball: A Biography of Henry Chadwick, by Andrew J. Schiff, 2007,
    Hal Chase: The Difiant Life and Turbulent times of Baseball's Biggest Crook, by Martin donnell Kohout, 2001, 347 pp.
    Talking On Air: A Broadcaster's Life in Sports, by Ken Coleman with Dan Valenti, 256 pp.
    Eddie Collins, by Rick Huhn, 2008, 364 pp.
    Commy: The Life Story of Charles A. Comiskey, the "Grand Old Roman" of Baseball by Gustav W Axelson, 1919, 248 pp. (republished 2003)
    From Sandlots to League President, the Story of Joe Cronin by Albert Hirshberg, 1962, 191 pp.
    Bad Bill Dahlen: The Rollicking Life and Times of an early Baseball Star, by Lyle Spatz, 2004, 242 pp.
    You Can't Steal First Base, by Jimmy Dykes with Charles O. Dexter, 1967, 218 pp.
    Red Faber: A Biography of the Hall of Fame Spitball Pitcher, by Brian E. Ccoper, 2007, 279 pp.
    The Ferrell Brothers of Baseball, by Dick Thompson, 2006, 316 pp.
    Whitey Ford, by Miles Coverdele, Jr., 2006, 249 pp.
    Jimmy Foxx: The Life and Times of A Baseball Hall of Famer, 1907-1967, by W. Harrison Daniel, 2004, 256 pp.
    Games, Asterisks, and People: Memoirs of a Lucky Fan, by Ford C. Frick, 1973 244 pp.
    Josh Gibson: A Life in the Negro Leagues, by William Brashler, 200 pp.
    One-Armed Wonder: Pete Gray: Wartime Baseball, and the American Dream, by William C. Kashatus, 1995, 171 pp.
    High and Inside: My Life in the Front Offices of Baseball, by Lou Gorman, 2008, 280 pp.
    Lefty Grove: American Original, by Jim Kaplan, 2000, 317 pp.
    Gabby Hartnett, by William McNeil, 2004, 344 pp.
    Brooklyn's Babe : The Story of Babe Herman, by Tot Holmes, 1990, 242 pp.
    Garry Herrmann, by William Cook, 2007, 303 pp.
    Harry Hooper, by Paul J. Zingg, 1993, 281 pp.
    Waite Hoyt: A Biography of the Yankees' Schoolboy Wonder, by William A. Cook, 2004, 256 pp.
    "Ee-Yah": The Life and Times of Hughie Jennings: Baeball Hall of Famer, by Jack Smiles, 2005, 231 pp.
    Addie Joss: King of Pitchers, by Scott Longert, 1998, 141 pp.
    Slide, Kelly Slide!: The Wild Life and Times of Mike "King" Kelly, Baseball's First Superstar, by Marty Appel, 1999, 246 pp.
    Johnny Kling, by Gil Bogen, 2006, 300 pp.
    Judge and Jury: The Life and Times of Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, by David Pietrusza, 2005, 564 pp.
    The Perfect Yankee, by Don Larsen, 1996, 272 pp.
    Tony Lazzeri: A Baseball Biography, by Paul Votano, 2005, 216 pp.
    Buck Leonard: The Black Lou Gehrig, by James A. Riley, 273 pp.
    Baseball As I Have Known It, by Fred Lieb, 1977, 350 pp.
    Pepper Martin: A Baseball Biography, by Thomas Barthel, 2003, 242 pp.
    Joe McCarthy: Architect of the Yankee Dynasty, by Alan H. Levy, 2005, 435 pp.
    Dean of Umpires: A Biography of Bill McGowan, 1896-1954, by Bob Luke, 2005, 223 pp.
    The MacPhails: Baseball's First Family of the Front Office, by G. Richard McKelvey, 344 pp.
    Thurman Munson: A Baseball Biography, by Christopher Devine, 2001, 271 pp.
    Orator O'Rourke: The Life of a Baseball Radical, by Mike Roer, 2006, 342 pp.
    The Lords of Baseball: A wry look at a side of the game the fan seldom sees--the front office, by Harold Parrott, 1976, 267 pp.
    Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe: 36 Years of Pitching and Catching in Baseball's Negro Leagues, by Kyle P. McNary, 277 pp.
    Pete Reiser: The Rough-and-Tumble Career of the Perfect Ballplayer, by Sidney Jacobson, 2004, 240 pp.
    The Tumult and the Shouting: My Life in Sport, by Grantland Rice, 1954, 368 pp.
    Sam Rice: A Biography of the Washington Senators' Hall of Famer, by Jeff Carroll, 2008, 252 pp.
    Uncle Robbie (Wilbert Robinson), by jack Kavanagh/Norman Macht, 1999, 200 pp.
    Mike Schmidt: Philadelphia's Hall of Fame Third Baseman, by William C. Kashatus, 2000, 165 pp.
    Al Simmons, The Best: A Fan Looks At Al, The Milwaukee Pole, by Ed Doyle, 1979, 76 pp.
    The Sizzler: George Sisler, Baseball's Forgotten Great, by Rick Huhn, 2004, 322 pp.
    Burt Shotton, Dodgers Manager: A Baseball Biography, by David Gough, 1994, 141 pp.
    Dazzy Vance, by John C. Skipper, 2007, 218 pp.
    Chris Von der Ahe and the Stl Louis Browns, b y J. thomas Hetrick, 285 pp.
    Big Ed Walsh: The Life and Times of a Spitballing Hall of Famer, by Jack Smiles, 2007, 228 pp.
    Big and Little Poison: Paul and Lloyd Waner, Baseball Brothers, by Clifton Blue Parker, 2003, 334 pp.
    Fouled Away - The Baseball Tragedy of Hack Wilson, by Clifton Blue Parker, 2000, 232 pp.

    Pete Alexander:
    Grover Cleveland Alexander, by Jack Kavanagh, 1990, 179 pp.
    Alexander the Great : The Story of Grover Cleveland Alexander, by Jerry E Clark/Martha Ellen Webb, 1993
    Ol' Pete : the Grover Cleveland Alexander story, Jack Kavanagh, 1996
    Pete Alexander, by John C. Skipper, 2007, 244 pp.

    Dick Allen:
    Crash: The Life and Times of Dick Allen, by Tim Whitaker, 1989
    September Swoon: Richie Allen, The '64 Phillies, and Racial Integration, by William C. Kashatus, 2004

    Cap Anson
    A Ball Player's Career, by Cap Anson, 1900
    Cap Anson: The Grand Old Man of Baseball, by David L. Fleitz, 2005, 346 pp.
    Cap Anson, by Howard W. Rosenberg, 2006

    Mordecai Brown
    How To Pitch Curves, by Mordecai Brown, 1913
    Mordecai Brown, by Cindy Thompson, 2006

    Mickey Cochrane:
    Baseball: The Fan's Game, by Mickey Cochrane, 1939, 189 pp.
    Mickey Cochrane : The Life of a Baseball Hall of Fame Catcher, by Charlie Bevis, 1998

    Rogers Hornsby:
    My Kind of Baseball, by Rogers Hornsby, 1953
    My War with Baseball by Rogers Hornsby, with Bill Surface, 1962

    Rogers Hornsby (Baseball Legends), by Jack Kavanagh,1991
    Rogers Hornsby: A Biography, by Charles C. Alexander, 1995
    Rogers Hornsby : A Biography (Baseball's All-Time Greatest Hitters) by Jonathan D'Amore, 2004

    Joe Jackson:
    Say it ain't so, Joe!: The Story of Shoeless Joe Jackson, by Donald Gropman, 1979
    Growing Up With "Shoeless Joe": The Greatest Natural Player In Baseball History, by Joe Thompson, 1997, 282 pp.
    Shoeless: The Life and Times of Joe Jackson, by David L Fleitz, 2001, 320 pp.
    Joe Jackson: a Biography, Kelly Boyer Sagert, 2004

    Jackie Jensen
    Title is The Jackie Jensen Story, by Al Hirshberg, 1960, 192 pp.
    The Golden Boy: A Biography of Jackie Jensen, by George I. Martin, 2000, 294 pp.

    Ban Johnson
    Ban Johnson, by Eugene C. Murdock, 1982
    The Arrival of the American League: Ban Johnson and The 1901 Challenge to National League Monopoly, by Warren N. Wilbert, 2007

    Walter Johnson:
    Walter Johnson: King of Pitchers, by Roger L. Treat, 1948 (for juveniles)
    Walter Johnson, by Henry W. Thomas, 1995
    Walter Johnson: A Life, by Jack Kavanagh, 1995

    Christy Mathewson
    Pitching In a Pinch: Baseball From the Inside, by Christy Mathewson, with John Neville Wheeler, 1912
    Matty: An American Hero: Christy Mathewson of the New York Giants, by Gene Schoor with Henry Gilfond, 1953,
    Christy Mathewson, by Norman L. Macht, (BASEBALL LEGENDS series) (Juvenile), 1991
    Matty: An American hero: Christy Mathewson of the New York Giants, by Ray Robinson, 1993
    The Player: Christy Mathewson, Baseball, and the American Century, by Philip Seib, 2003, 224 pp.
    Christy Mathewson: A Biography, Michael Hartley, 2004, 207 pp.
    The Old Ball Game : How John McGraw, Christy Mathewson, and the New York Giants created modern baseball, by Frank Deford, 2005

    Mel Ott:
    The Mel Ott story, by Milton J Shapiro, 1959
    Mel Ott: The Little Giant of Baseball, by Fred Stein, 1999, 239 pp.
    Mel Ott: The Gentle Giant, by Alfred M. Martin, 2003

    Pete Rose
    My Prison Without Bars, by Rick Hill, 2004,
    Pete Rose: Baseball's All-time Hit King, by William A. Cook, 2004, 241 pp.

    Tris Speaker:
    Tris Speaker: The Rough-and-Tumble Life Of A Baseball Legend, by Timothy M. Gay, 2007
    Spoke: A Biography of Tris Speaker, by Charles C. Alexander, 2007
    Tris Speaker, by Opie Otterstad, (Not out yet)

    Rube Waddell:
    Rube Waddell: Butler's Outrageous Southpaw, by Eric D. Duchess, 1998
    Rube Waddell: The Zany, Brilliant Life of a Strikeout Artist, by Alan Howard Levy, 2001, 327 pp.
    Just a Big Kid: The Life and Times of Rube Waddell, by Paul Proia, 2007

    Honus Wagner:
    Honus Wagner: The Flying Dutchman, by John Harrington/Adam McMahon, 1992
    Honus Wagner, by Jack Kavanagh, 1994
    Honus Wagner: A Biography, by Dennis/Jeanne Burke DeValeria, 1995, 320 pp.
    Honus Wagner: The Life of Baseball's "Flying Dutchman", by Arthur D. Hittner 1996, 336 pp.
    Honus: The Life And Times Of A Baseball Hero, by William Hageman, 1996, 218 pp.

    John Montgomery Ward
    Baseball's Radical for All Seasons: A Biography of John Montgomery Ward, by Stevens, 1998, 272 pp.
    Title is A Clever Base-Ballist: the Life and Times of John Montgomery Ward, by John Di Salvatore, 1999, 479 pp.

    Carl Yastrzemski:
    Yaz by Carl Yastrzemski and Al Hirshberg. 1968
    Baseball, the Wall and Me by Carl Yastrzemski and Gerald Eskenazi. 1991.

    Cy Young
    Cy Young: Baseball's Legendary Giant, by Ralph H. Romig, 1983, 182 pp.
    Cy Young, by Norman L. Macht 1991, 64 pp. (Baseball Legends series) (Juvenile)
    Cy Young, by Reed Browning, 2000
    The Story of Cy Young, by John Phillips, 2005

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  • Bill Burgess
    Here is a book project I tried to launch. Didn't take off as I'd hoped. But it still has a ton of data in it for others to scavenge.
    Last edited by Bill Burgess; 07-30-2009, 06:22 AM.

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  • ehof
    For the history section: Eight Men Out (about the 1919 Chicago White Sox)

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  • SlidingBillyHamilton
    Recent Books

    I just finished Frank DeFord's "The Old Ball Game," on the unlikely friendship between Christy and John McGraw. Lots of history in a very readable format. I'm a neophyte, so this book may already have been discussed.

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  • bachscore
    4 best baseball books

    The 4 best baseball books for me are:


    Bang the Drum Slowly by Mark Harris


    Ball Four by Jim Bouton

    Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn

    A Day of Light and Shadow by Arthur Schwartz

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  • MarinersFan51
    Ichiro on Ichiro - conversations with Narumi Komatsu (a GREAT raed for Ichiro fans)

    Sandy Koufax: a leftys legacy by Jean Leavy (great book for any baseball fan period, by far my favourite book ive ever read)

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  • Dalkowski110
    Yes, it was Jimmy Breslin who wrote Can Anybody Around Here Play This Game?, a must for Mets fans! Thanks!

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  • Captain Cold Nose
    Originally posted by Eddie Ball Four
    Jimmy Breslin I think.
    Breslin it was indeed.

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  • Eddie Ball Four
    Originally posted by Dalkowski110
    Then, a must for all Mets fans, there's Can Anybody Around Here Play This Game?. I can't find the book right now, and am kicking myself for not knowing the author's name.
    Jimmy Breslin I think.

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  • Dalkowski110
    I also think both of Jim Brosnan's books, The Long Season and its sequel, Pennant Race, were pretty good and insightful. Lawrence Ritter's other book, The Image of Their Greatness, was pretty good. Then, a must for all Mets fans, there's Can Anybody Around Here Play This Game?. I can't find the book right now, and am kicking myself for not knowing the author's name. James A Riley's The Biographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Baseball Leagues is terrific, as is pretty much anything written by Bill James, even the somewhat controversial Whatever Happened To the Hall of Fame?, previously published as The Politics of Glory.

    BTW, regarding the Clemente book by David Maraniss, that has its share of factual innaccuracies and some really glaring problems. I believe there was a thread on it not too long ago.

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  • Captain Cold Nose
    And here's the compiled list I was talking about. Good-sized thread.

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