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    Recently I read a great book about Moe Berg, the iconic American baseball player and spy. Previously I have studied the great book by Nicholas Dawidoff.

    I purchased my copy of, "My Time with the Catcher Spy, Morris Moe Berg," on eBay.

    Here is what I found on the publisher web site:

    The history of baseball in the actual words of Moe Berg, the CATCHER SPY! New e-book on DVD (Adobe Acrobat), by American artist and author, Neil J. Farkas, Based on an original hand written note book, as scribed by the iconic Jewish American hero, Morris 'Moe' Berg. Berg played 16 years of professional baseball, before becoming a spy for the United States during World War II. While Morris Berg never published a book during his lifetime, a note book has been discovered which provides evidence that the American hero had intended to write a book on the history of baseball. Author Neil Farkas offers Berg's original notes and outline. The book contains 164 pages, 66 color, high resolution plates (from the notebook), as well as portraits of Moe by Neil Farkas. The e-book on DVD can be printed, 8.5 x 11 inches. "My Time with the Catcher Spy," is available to the public, via this e-book/DVD, and soft cover.

    I am very interested in baseball history from the perspective of the players.
    Also, I have interest in how Princeton, Yale and Harvard contributed to the beginning of intercollegiate baseball.

    Looking forward to hearing from other contributors.


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    I just found a link online regarding the personal papers of Moe Berg. The papers are located at American Jewish Historical Society's
    Center for Jewish History on West 16th Street. The contents list is here:

    Looks like a very interesting collection from a man who lived an extraordinary life.


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      Oh, there is a Moe berg collection at Princeton as well!


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