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  • skeletor
    baseball dvd's

    Originally posted by lamearm
    In no particular order: The Natural, 8 Men Out, Bang the Drum Slowly, Damn Yankees, League of Their Own, Sandlot, Fear Strikes Out, Bingo Long. Note the absence of the all too saccrine Field of Dreams..

    so many good ones..and a few clunkers as well...

    bull durham, *61, Long Gone, and FOR Love of the game...

    worst ? John Goodman as the BABE...

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  • lamearm
    In no particular order: The Natural, 8 Men Out, Bang the Drum Slowly, Damn Yankees, League of Their Own, Sandlot, Fear Strikes Out, Bingo Long. Note the absence of the all too saccrine Field of Dreams..

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  • PopTop
    Originally posted by Alibi Ike
    I saw it mentioned once above, but Long Gone is an oft-ignored classic.
    Amen, brother!

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  • Alibi Ike
    I saw it mentioned once above, but Long Gone is an oft-ignored classic. Now I have the song from the credits or whenever stuck in my head.

    I have watched the Natural and Field of Dreams a billion times each, but I can't tell if I like them because they're baseball movies or for the elements of the movies that transcend baseball (probably both).

    Even though it is really only a horrid chick flick with no baseball, I will watch Summer Catch any time it is on because Jessica Biel is that hot.

    I am probably in the very small minority here, but I can't stand Bull Durham. I think I have an aversion to Surandon, Robbins, and the corny lines or something. I don't know. The only redeeming factor of that movie for me is that meeting on the mound.

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  • redbuck
    Originally posted by vasprtsfn
    Eight Men Out. Honorable mention for me would be Fever Pitch and the Major League Trilogy.
    I thought Fever Pitch was absolutely terrible.

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  • ACrank
    Originally posted by Astros4Life
    tomorrow is old timers night, anyone who was alive the last time the indians won the pennant gets in half price.
    Since i would think there were many 9 year old fans attending, most of the crowd must have gotten in for half price....

    (note if you are going to joke about the Indians at least get the joke right? thanks....)

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  • BaseballHistoryNut
    I have a two-way tie for first. This will tell y'all I'm a sucker for emotional movies:

    #1a. Pride of the Yankees--picked as "1a" because this movie features the only actor to date who has done a credible job of depicting Babe Ruth.

    #1b. The Natural.

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  • Astros4Life
    Originally posted by brooklynboy
    The original "Major League"....Ueker alone is worth watching the movie

    tomorrow is old timers night, anyone who was alive the last time the indians won the pennant gets in half price.

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  • JohnGelnarFan
    The Natural

    I watched "The Natural" last night and noticed some familiar names in the credits.

    Baseball technical advisor - Richard Cerone (The catcher?)
    Knights Player - Phillip Mankowski (Former Tigers Infielder)
    Pittsburgh Manager- Sibby Sisti (Boston Braves Infielder)

    Did I leave anyone out?

    Originally posted by theAmazingMet
    The Natural!

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  • BosoxTony
    It Happens every Spring: Ray Milland, Paul Douglas as his catcher and roommate and Alan Hale Jr. as one of the players at the college.

    Angeles in the Outfield: Paul Douglas as the Manager of the hapless Pirates, Keenan Wynn as the Radio announcer, Bruce Bennet as the aging pitcher and Janet Leigh as the Social Worker.

    The Kid From Left Field: Dan Durea as the former Buffalo Bison star, Billy Chapin as his son, Loyd Bridges as the aging star and Anne Bancroft as the love interest.

    The Winning team: Ronald Reagan as Grover Cleveland Alexander (old pete), Doris Day as his wife, and Frank Lovejoy as second baseman and player-manager Honus Wagner.

    The Babe Ruth Story: William Bendix (life of riley radio and tv fame) takes a turn as the Bambino.

    And that episode of Little House on the Prarie, when Mr. Edwards caught the old guy who threw rocks at the crows and the beat that traveling team.

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  • JohnGelnarFan
    Favorite Movie

    "It Happens Every Spring" was a funny movie but hearing the name makes me shudder. In High School,during batting practice one day,our coach yelled at me that I hit like the players in....shudder....."It Happens Every Spring". Inspirational guy

    Originally posted by KCGHOST
    An underrated classic by most modern fans is "It Happens Every Spring".

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  • Mr. Boh
    There have been so many good ones over the years, here is my Top 10

    10. Bingo Long & The Traveling All-Stars
    9. Damn Yankees
    8. Eight Men Out
    7. Angels in the Outfield--1951 version
    6.Pride of the Yankees
    5.Field of Dreams
    4. Bad News Bears--1976 version
    3. Fear Strikes Out
    2. Bull Durham
    1. The Natural

    Others of note...

    Soul of the Game
    Brewster's Millions
    Safe at Home
    Naked Gun--Reggie must kill the queen
    And Ken Burns, Baseball PBS Series

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  • TonyK
    Originally posted by runningshoes53
    He was just studying at that point.

    That's how he got his nickname "Moonlight."

    He was playing ball and studying at the same time.

    He didn't actually get his license until 1909.

    And he played two innings in that game in 1905. He was on-deck for the final out of the game so he came so close to getting to the plate.
    He was also called Doc when he played with Scranton in 1906 and won the batting championship. A story I love about him is he won $200 in a 100 yard dash against some famous sprinter, and he used the money to travel to Europe to study medicine that winter.

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  • Bill Burgess
    Here are some of my favorite classic baseball movies. Listed chronologically, not in order of preference.

    1. It Happens Every Spring - 1949 - Ray Milland, professor who discovers wood-repellent substance. Ball jumps around the bat.

    2. The Winning Team - 1952 - Ronald Reagan played Pete Alexander.

    3. Damn Yankees - 1958 - Ray Walston (My Favorite Martian fame) - Tab Hunter. Gwen Verdon does Bob Fosse choreography (Whatever Lola Wants tango routine). Fosse also made a cameo appearance in dance routine. Music score was outstanding.

    4. The Natural - 1984 - Robert Redford as aging rookie sensation. Glenn Close does nice girl, Barbara Hershey does dark enigma, Kim Basinger is "wrong girl" who is easy on the eyes.

    5. Field of Dreams - 1989 - Kevin Costner gets unique chance to reunite with his Dad. Fantasy had heart.

    6. Talent For the Game - 1991 - Edward James Olmos plays a BB scout who finds a great pitching prospect, but must become personally involved.

    7. A League of Their Own - 1992 - Geena Davis played composite player, Dottie Hinson. Tom Hanks, Madonna, Lori Petty, Jon Lovitz, Rosie O'Donnell support well.

    8. Soul of the Game - 1996 - Delroy Lindo, Mykelti Williamson play HBO film's Satchel Paige/Josh Gibson. Good pathos. Had heart.

    9. For Love of the Game - 2000 - Kevin Costner is back in uniform.

    10. The Rookie - 2002 - Dennis Quaid plays a HS coach with a 100 mph fastball, giving it one more shot, if his HS team cops league title.

    Honorable Mentions: Pride of the Yankees - 1942 - Gary Cooper plays Lou Gehrig, Teresa Wright was pretty wife Eleanor, Walter Brennan, Dan Duryea supported well, Babe played himself, as did Bill Dickey, Bob Meusel, and Mark Koenig. Sports announcer Bill Stern played himself.

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  • RGreener26
    Field of Dreams comes close, but I always find myself watching The Sandlot over and over again. It marks the beginning of the summer for me. Although I played baseball my entire life and was really good at it from a young age, I never loved it and played it with a passion until I was in my later high school years. Can't say why, but for some reason I just got more joy playing a game of basketball. So now that I am older, every now and then I just stop and think about what it would have been like loving the game at a younger age and playing with my friends everyday of the summer. The Sandlot helps fill that void every time I watch it by pretending I was the kid who moved to the new town I guess.

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