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    As little league begins it is important to remember, as parents, that we are teaching our kids with every action and decision we make. I hope that parents who visit this forum remember that and can set good examples for other as we sit in the stands and cheer and celebrate our childrens accomplishments.:gt
    Hi! My name is Candace Conradi. I am the mother of a collegiate baseball player and have written a book, Diamond Moms, A Mother's Guide to Raising A Baseball Player, for other moms who would like to understand the mysteries of our national pastime.

    I love baseball and hope to help other mothers and/or wives learn to appreciate it, especially if they have sons who play the sport seriously. To preview chapter summaries of my book please visit

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    You cannot possibly have a child 33 years old judging by your photo.

    I wish you success with book sales. Your book will be a treasure to single moms raising young athletes today. Being a good parent in the stands doesn't end when Little League is over.
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      One of the worst curses to kid's sports is their parents. I've coached for many years and I've asked 2 kids to leave my team because of their behavior. That's two out of about 500 kids. On the other hand, I've asked dozens of parents to either stay home or stay away from the team and other parents. Too many of them ruin the sport for the other fans and for the kids.
      I haven't heard of the book mentioned but I'm hoping that it's a good one and that lots of people (parents) read it.
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