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  • Milo Hamilton's New Book

    In long time announcer Milo Hamilton's new book Making Airwaves:60 Years at Milo's Microphone,Hamilton has a chapter on the late Harry Caray that's-well shall we say-less than complimentary towards Harry.

    He talks about the 3 years that they worked together in the Cubs' Radio and TV booth,and it wasn't pretty,according to Hamilton.

    Check out the story here.

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    Good stuff, Chisox.

    While there is no doubt that Harry Caray had a huge ego, Milo has been pissed ever since the Cubs decided to hire Harry instead of him to replace Jack Brickhouse as the voice of the Cubs on WGN-TV, just at the time they were about to go across North America on cable. Milo couldn't deal with the fact that Harry was 10 times bigger than him. Had Milo been content with doing 3 innings on Tv and 6 on WGN-Radio, a pretty good gig, he'd still be in Chitown.

    And unless he had a chapter ripping Harry, no one would buy his bio.

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