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1982 World Series Broadcasters

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  • 1982 World Series Broadcasters

    In 1982, NBC televised the World Series between the Cardinals and the Brewers. Joe Garagiola, Dick Enberg, and Tony Kubek have been credited as the in-booth commentators. NBC's coverage was significant because it was just prior to them hiring Vin Scully to be their top baseball announcer (a role that he held for the rest of the 1980s). Also, it was the only World Series (as far as I know) that Dick Enberg ever commentated on despite the numerous Super Bowls that he called for NBC. It was also the first World Series that Bob Costas covered either as a pre-game host or play-by-play man.

    I know for sure that Bob Costas was involved somehow because he covered the post-game, World Series Trophy presentation for NBC. The DVD "100 Years of the World Series" (which incidentally, Costas narrated) includes brief clips of the trophy presentations throughout the years. The only clips that don't feature Costas (during NBC's World Series coverage during the 1980s) is 1980 (which had Bryant Gumbel cover the presentation) and 1984 which didn't even feature the trophy presentation.

    I listed on that Bob Costas and Bill Macatee were the 1982 World Series pre-game show hosts. I'm mostly making an educated guess on Macatee since the bios that I've found on him listed that during his stint NBC (dating back to 1982), that he covered the World Series as well as hosted the "Game of the Week" pre-game show, and the studio coverage of the LCS. I now for sure that Marv Albert co-hosted the pre-game coverage with Bob Costas in 1986 and 1988. I'm assuming that Marv Albert also helped Bob Costas host in 1984.

    I've also credited both Joe Garagiola and Dick Enberg as the play-by-play men. I'm guessing that Garagiola and Enberg took turns doing play-by-play every other inning. I believe from 1976-1982, Garagiola was NBC's #1 play-by-play man for baseball coverage. When NBC hired Vin Scully in 1983, Garagiola became the color commentator for Scully.

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    I have Game 7 of the 82 WS on tape. Garagiola did the first 2 1/2 innings of play by play, Enberg took over till the bottom of the 7th and Garagiola did the rest. Costas hosted the post game ceremony in the Cards clubhouse.
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