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Costas or Michaels?

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  • Costas or Michaels?

    I was just pondering...

    Since Bob Costas and Al Michaels are now with the same network, if NBC got baseball back, who would you prefer as the #1 play by play man?

    I kind of grew up with them both and like them both.
    Al Michaels
    Bob Costas

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    They both give me a headache, but if I had to pick I would choose Michaels.


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      Michaels, to me, is the more professional and least prone to bias of the two.
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        I think Costas is far superior to Michaels, especially in baseball.

        I think Costas could/should be MLB Commissioner. He is a great baseball mind.

        If you want the best national baseball announcer though, you need to go to FOX and get Joe Buck.

        (personally, nobody beats Ernie Harwell!)
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          Originally posted by Tigerfan1974
          I think Costas is far superior to Michaels, especially in baseball.

          I think Costas could/should be MLB Commissioner. He is a great baseball mind.

          I totally agree.. I grew up listening to Costas and Kubek and LOVED them... Loved Costas' book as well... I find him entertaining and very knowledgeable about the sport!
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            I don't think we could go wrong with either Michaels or Costas. I voted for Costas because he has demonstrated a much greater love of the game.
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              Definitely Bob Costas. He used to give alot of great analysis.


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                Would there be anything wrong with having them both do play by play, each guy doing 4 1/2 innings and then doing the commentary for the other guy? That's how they used to do the WS years ago.

                I've never thought baseball is that difficult to analyze. The problem is to know when to shut up.
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                  Michaels captures the emotion of the moment

                  I love Al Michaels style & professionalism. He is the consummate broadcaster, and truly captures the emotion of the moment he's calling. He's witty without being condescending and almost always knows when to shut up and let his analyst take over.

                  Costas is likable, sure, but seems to work at keeping an even keel, keeping the emotions in check. I don't like screamers at the mic but there is nothing wrong with getting caught up in the excitement of a great sports moment, and Costas goes out of his way to remain neutral at all times.


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                    He is my Mary Ann to Michaels as Ginger.
                    I think they are both very top notch professionals but Costas has a greater appreciation of the history of the game. With that said, if you go outside to Football play by play I like Michaels better.
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                      Both have their drawbacks.

                      Michaels tries too hard to be the soundbite of the night while Costas tries too hard to project his understanding of the game to others.

                      I'd go with Costas over Michaels. I don't want a guy trying to dominate the broadcast, I want a guy who is part of the moment.

                      Frankly I don't think NBC would put Costas as the lead over Michaels. Costas would more than likely be relegated to pregame shows where he can do alot more for the telecasts than just describing the action...Unlike Michaels who is really just a play by play guy.
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                        I'd take Michaels over Costas. Michaels is a better play-by-play guy, but that doesn't mean that Costas is bad.


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                          I am frankly shocked that this poll is even this close. As much as I agree that Costas does have some negatives, he at least 1) stays sober and 2) leaves his political viewpoints at home. Frankly I would have rather seen NBC retain the rights to Oswald the Rabbit and have heard him doing play by play.


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                            Definitely Costas, al michaels reminds me of Skeletor
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                              Definitely Other. Without Other, the choice is smug and superior (Costas) or loud and brassy (Michaels). Brownie31
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