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Costas or Michaels?

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    Can we bring Curt Gowdy back from the dead? :noidea

    My vote went to Costas simply because he carries a '58 Mantle Topps card around in his wallet, so he probably loves baseball more. He should get points for that, at least.


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      I long for the days when sports announcers just told you what happened. Today, color guys over do it. They feel like they have to say something, all the time. They get into that, I told you so thing that is so annoying.

      My favorite ? Former Cubs color guy, Steve Stone, who now does some regional games for espn. He and Chip Carey did a great job. Both had mastery of the English language and they both believed that brevity and to the point is best. When a guy kicked a ball or was playing bad, they would say it, which is refreshing. The Cubs ownership did not like them being totally honest. It's sad, in today's game, most of the broadcasters are employed by the team and not the radio or TV stations. In Seattle, we have the worst two there is with Rick Rizz.
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        Originally posted by Captain Cold Nose
        I'm assuming you're referring to Ron Fairly as the other half of the terrible two.
        I was thinking Dave Neihaus, but I forgot about Ron Fairly. Ron Fairly over states the obvious and is an average color guy. I enjoy him more when he's on his own (it's rare) doing the play-by-play. I also enjoy it when Ron and Dave Henderson talk about what it was like in their own eras and compare it to today's era. Henderson is a great color guy, but he only does about 25% of the games, that are on fox. I don't know if he has other interests that limit him, but I wish he was on every night. He's great at telling you what the ball players are thinking and the finer points of the game.


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          I voted for Al Michaels only because Costas has this tendency to over-intellectualize what is essentially a kid's game played by millionaire adults. By no means do I think Michaels is perfect, however.

          Rick Rizz had the unfortunate ignominy of replacing the beloved Ernie Harwell in Detroit for one season. Then-Tigers VP Bo Schembechler thought Ernie couldn't relate to younger listeners. Yeah, give me a break!

          Is Rizz still calling homeruns with "Bye-bye baseball!"?


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            Originally posted by moldyoldie
            Is Rizz still calling homeruns with "Bye-bye baseball!"?
            Good bye baseball !

            Can you believe it !

            This guy comes to the ballpark early everyday, works really hard, just a great guy. Hard worker.

            The most annoying thing rizz does is basically summarizes or repeats everything the color guys says on every play, like we didn't hear it the first time.


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              During NBC's baseball hey-day in the 1980s, Bob Costas was the number two play-by-play man (Tony Kubek as you may recall was Costas' partner) behind Vin Scully (who teamed with Joe Garagiola and then, Tom Seaver). During that period, I think the only time that Costas did any pregame show (if I have my facts straight, Marv Albert often hosted the pregame shows during the regular season) hosting was for the World Series and All-Star Game. Maybe if or when NBC regains a baseball contract, they'll have Al Michaels be the #1 PBP man and Costas the #2 PBP man.


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