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Ashburn Bio DVD Is In The Works For 2008.

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  • Ashburn Bio DVD Is In The Works For 2008.

    A DVD on the life and career of Richie Ashburn is in production. Look for it's release in late Winter, shortly before the start of the Baseball season. While being prepared by a private filmmaker it may be adopted by the Phillies into their official merchandise and may be available at Phillies games, or through their merchandising dept. and theirwebsite next season.

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    I look forward to seeing this. I'm too young to have seen Richie play, but I grew up listening to him call games on radio and TV and he's always been one of my favorite baseball people. Thanks for the tip, I'll be keeping my eyes open for it.


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      Ashburn Film & Home DVD Out In April

      The film "Richie Ashburn - A Baseball Life" will premiere at the Philadelphia Film Festival On April 14. It's running time is 90 minutes.
      The home DVD will include 2 discs and will include a mammoth second disc with four hours worth of bonus material. It's release to the public in home DVD format will be on April 22.
      All I can say is thanks to the filmmaker for being so generous and for including all of this extra footage.
      I can't wait for the DVD's release. For myself and for all Ashburn fans, this film should be awesome!!!!


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        For Phillies & Richie Ashburn Fans Only

        I've got to confess to mild disappointment with the way the Richie Ashburn video "Richie Ashburn, A Baseball Life" turned out.
        Not enough material from his playing days was included and some of the material selected from his broadcasting days didn't reflect enough of his dry wit and humor.
        It's good to have if you're a Phillies Die-Hard or were a big fan of Riichie personally. Non-Phillies fans may remain unconvinced as to what a big star Ashburn was as a player in his prime and how great he was to tune into on Phils' radio or television broadcasts, as Richie's humor and sharp observations helped Phillies fans get through some lean years.

        Dennis Orlandini - (phillies fiend 55).


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