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    It’s always rewarding when I am reminded that avid readers still exist. Therefore, I hope this won’t be viewed as a shameful attempt at self-promotion; it was not my intention. That said, if any of you ever seek an imaginative read, you may want to consider my latest novel entitled THEY CALLED ME CASEY.

    I was raised in Connecticut during the 1950s. Like many from that era, I grew up playing baseball, and the game has always held a special place in my life. While learning to read during those youthful years, I crossed paths with the classic poem, Casey at the Bat. Ernest Lawrence Thayer’s timeless lines left a lifelong impression on me, and apparently, I treasured it much more than I ever acknowledged when first holding that Sunday newspaper.

    Some sixty years later, those verses, now displayed in Cooperstown, begged for my attention. Who was Casey? Where was Mudville? What was his story before that fateful ninth inning at bat and what happened to him after his unexpected strikeout? Four years ago, I began to write a story to respectfully surround the poetry in Thayer’s thirteen compelling stanzas.

    This work was written to entertain both a child and adult audience. It was also crafted to become easily adapted for a screenplay using a 19th century timeframe to represent it as the ultimate prequel to THE SANDLOT. Although the theme of Thayer’s poem naturally demands a “diamond flavor”, my own chapters comprise much more than just another baseball story. They combine my own appreciation of base paths, childhood memories and historical accuracy and weave several twists and turns into my version of a love story.

    So, if you ever have the inclination to dress yourself in a fine Victorian outfit, adopt your best attempt at an Irish brogue and visit the 1880s when the innocence of baseball was in its infancy, this self-publication is available on Amazon. The book can also be visited on its Facebook page @theycalledmecasey. Hopefully, Casey, Rosie, Larry, Blake and the others become family to you too.

    Thanks for all of your contributions to this community. I enjoy reading the comments, suggestions and insights contained in these posts.

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