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My baseball history book to be published by the History Press in March

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  • My baseball history book to be published by the History Press in March

    I'm so excited! I've written two true crime books about cases I covered as the crime reporter for The Detroit News, and now comes my third book, about crime and mayhem in Detroit Tiger history. The publisher says if this one does well, they'll do more books about other teams. I can't wait for this to be published, so I can have a baseball book in bookstores across the country!
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    I can only assume Denny McLain is one of the featured players?
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      TonyK, author of
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        Congrats Victory Faust! I'll have to check out your book.
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          That's awesome man. Happy for you.
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            This is excellent, congrats!

            Would you prefer us to buy from Amazon, or some other site? I know different authors have different perspectives of profit margin vs. visibility/rankings.
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              Congratulations, I look forward to reading it!
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                Congratulations, and I highly admire you for doing this. Any journalist that writes a book on baseball history will always have a place in my heart. Did you do a chapter on Mickey Lolich committing the crime of abuse? How many tummies did he abuse through the years with his donuts.

                I hope being robbed of the 1967 pennant is also discussed as a crime. That other stuff that happened in 67 and 68 were just remodeling projects.

                The biggest crime of all was demolishing Tiger Stadium. That ripped the heart out of the area. Comerica is super dull.


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                  I assume Ron Leflore will have a chapter. Can't wait to read this.
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                    I'm in. Congrats.
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                      Congratulations sir and I will be purchasing this!


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