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Poems on the essence of baseball - a review.

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  • Poems on the essence of baseball - a review.

    I invite you to visit my Blog and comment on the poems, if you have a moment. Thank you.

    Here is the review:

    Simcha Wasserman's ability to slow down, even to stop, a moment as it is happening is admirable. He does this to great effect especially in his poems about Ruth and Mays. His Koufax poem is powerful for its reverence and the manner in which it re-frames Sandy's accomplishments as secondary to his courageous conviction. His Jackie Robinson poem is stark and beautiful. It would not be out of place in a museum, accompanying a photo of the great man.

    Mr. Wasserman sees baseball in heroic terms appropriate to the age he celebrates; there is a stateliness in his appreciation of that more elegant era, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that his lines will stay with me when I consider Ruth, Mays, Jackie, and Christy Mathewson going forward.

    -- Andrew Forbes, author of The Utility of Boredom, and The Only Way Is the Steady Way: Ichiro, Baseball, and the Rest of It (forthcoming 2021)

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