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    Yesterday, I purchased an interesting food book. The Game of Eating Smart: Nourishing Recipes for Peak Performance Inspired by M:B Superstars. The author is Julie Loria with Chef Allen Campbell.

    There are eating options from 21 Major League players including Jose Altuve. Nolan Arenado, Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw, and Mike Trout. If you can believe the premise, most of the top Major League Baseball players today eat super healthy food and follow advanced nutritional paradigms.

    This book excited me because I have a long history in the natural health field including at one time counseling people on the side as charity work. I plan on using this book to show the younger kids that I sometimes help mentor that want to become star athletes. Maybe, if this book can help turn a couple of local kids away from a diet full of sugar, refined grains, bad lipids, and poor protein choices, then this book more than paid for itself.

    The main theme throughout this book is that players are now looking at nutrition as just another advanced metric. If eating nutritiously can add two years to their careers, and help recovery from inflammatory issues, they are all for it.

    Check this book out :

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