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Another of my "If Baseball Integrated Early" universe - this one the 1980 season

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  • Another of my "If Baseball Integrated Early" universe - this one the 1980 season

    For those who enjoy alternate history, in addition to my other books - 2 others in the IBIE universe plus "Completed Game: The story of baseball with no strike fiascos," I now have "The Greatest Games Never Played."

    it follwos the story of a role plaer from the Philadelphia area with his growing up, some history from the IBIE unvierse, then his time on the 1980 Philadelphia Athletics, managed by Buck O'Neil, after being traded back to his home town team. The 1980 Athletics are in a tough fight with the New York Yankees for the division. The last of four "Books" within the book covers 32 innings, including a crucial doubleheader after a rainout, as narrated by the player.

    I only slef-publish, and just write for fun, but it's still a joy to be able to do this. And, the proof copy I ordered is probably making the rounds at my great uncle's nursing home as one of the few pieces of new entertainment they have - especially for the sports fans. :-)

    It's at, where you can see my other stuff, too - it'll be up on Amazon and other places in another month or so, there's usually a lull there while stuff is approved.
    If Baseball Integrated Early - baseball integrated from the beginning - and "Brotherhood and baseball," the U.S. history companion, at - IBIE updated for 2011.

    "Full House Chronology" at yahoo group fullhousefreaks & fullhouse4life with help of many fans, thanks for the input

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    If free agency had existed in 1877 black players would have been far more likely to have played as some greedy capitalist would risk a certain degree of social disapproval.


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