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    I am trying to find books on current player stats. I own a 6th edition Total Baseball book, the stats of which only go up to 1998, I am hoping that someone out there knows if there are books available that will bring me up to date. Thanks in advance.

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    The last edition of Total Baseball was published in 2004. The creators of that book, Gary Gillette and Peter Palmer then put out the ESPN Baseball Encyclopedia for several years. I believe the last one came out in 2008. With so much online these days, I wouldn't count on seeing another printed encyclopedia.


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      To the best of my knowledge, Gillette & Palmer's ESPN Encylopedias were the last baseball (stats) encyclopedias in print. Everyone else's - Thorn's, Neft's, Macmillan's - ended previously. On the one hand, it's a shame, but considering the ubiquity and accessibility of statistics online, I don't see there being a sufficient profit motive for such an undertaking in the future. It's a shame in a way. I, for one, enjoy flipping pages and holding something in my hands and while I wouldn't trade that for the searchable/sortable nature of an online archives, I might be willing to pay for that as a luxury. I just don't imagine there'd be enough demand of that nature the costs involved.
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