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    what do these new paperback encyclopedias contain? one is by espn and there is another - are they different than total baseball? - do they contain different data? - do they present any data similar to macmillan?

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    no one owns one of these?


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      I haven't seen any of the new ones you mention; I just know that the Macmillan tome is something I can't close once I open it.


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        I haven't had a chance to look through the ESPN one, but the other you saw is likely "The Sports Encyclopedia: Baseball", which I highly recommend. It doesn't have the player stats like Total Baseball and the Big Mac, but instead lists players by team, year by year. It's a good way to browse through baseball history, and puts performances in context. For the price, it's a baragain.

        Of course kind of makes all of these books obsolete, unless you prefer to have something you can flip through and carry around.

        The Macmillan is no longer going to be published BTW.
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