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Baseball Player Steve Fanning address search

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  • Baseball Player Steve Fanning address search

    Hello everyone,

    I search the real address of the Baseball player Steve Fanning.
    I fly on October to Los Angeles and I will ask him if I get an autograph.
    Because he was a very good player!

    Can anybody help me to find?

    Greetings: Chris

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    He has for the St. Louis Cardinals played!

    Have anybody a idea?


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      I'm not trying to put you down, but you would probably be arrested if you went directly to his home. Try TTM(Through the mail), where you send a player a card to get signed, and they send it back. You are more likely to get an autograph this way, and will not get a restraining order! lol
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        Probably best to send request through daughter Dakota

        I agree that it would not be wise to personally attempt to contact Steve Fanning. However, you may be able to contact him through his daughter Dakota, through her agent- it would probably be best to write a note to her explaining your request. Her mailing address is Dakota Fanning, %Osbrink Talent Agency, 4343 Lankershim Blvd, Suite 100, Universal City, Cal. 91602. Hopefully, you will get a reply and signed card.


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