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  • Originally posted by D-Train35 View Post
    What do you think the greatest baseball movie of all time is? Personally, I like "The Sandlot". Some other good ones are: "The Rookie", "Eight Men Out", and "Major League".
    I don't know if this would be a great Movie, but I enjoyed it when I saw it Years Ago, "The Monte Stratton Story". He was a pitcher with the White Sox in the 1940's. During the Off season while at home, he went hunting the gun went off unexpectedly and severely injured his leg. He had to have an Artificial Leg attached, but he tried to Comeback and pitch.

    One that is a little quirky is "Safe at Home". It was made after the 1961 Season and featured Maris and Mantle, The basic plot was a Young Boy wanted to meet them and get their Autographs. He ran away from Home and found his way to Fort Lauderdale where the Yankees held Spring Training, He met the Players and was reunited with his Family. The Movie was more of a PR thing for Mantle and Maris following the big 1961 Season.


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