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    Pride Of The Yankees

    No other movie has Babe Ruth playing HIMSELF. This is THE all-time classic about the ballplayer that most defines guts and integrity in America's game.
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      Ones I liked include Alibi Ike, The Pride Of St Louis(about Dizzy Dean), Reagan's The Winning Team, and funnily enough The Babe Ruth Story.

      If anyone is interested in hunting the book down, The Year The Yankees Lost the Pennant(the book Damn Yankees was based on) is much darker than the play or film, and gets more into the Faustian aspects of Joe Boyd's deal.


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        Originally posted by Kroxquo
        The Bingo Long Traveling All Stars and Motor Kings (Great look at the Negro Leagues)
        This gets my vote, with Bang the Drum Slowly in second. Both movies manage to come up with something more important than baseball to be about; it's not surprising that they also have interesting characters.
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          It Happens Every Spring

          Originally posted by four tool
          Here's one no one has ever mentioned: It Happens Every Spring with Ray Milland. It's on my short list Along with 61* and Bull Durham
          Though kind of corny I love It Happens Every Spring has to be my favorite followed by:
          Field Of Dreams
          The Natural
          Sand Lot
          Eight Men Out


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            Bad News Bears
            A League of their own
            Field of Dreams
            The Natural


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              Pride of the Yankees and Bull Durham (Surprise!) are both tied for me. As much as I loved "The Natural" the book was a lot better and the ending...different. But in "Durham" and "Pride" the speeches are what always gets me...obviously for different reasons lol.
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                Best baseball movie of all time

                The one and only for me is "Pride of the Yankees"
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                  Originally posted by Rob M
         have to read the book before you see the natural, or you won't like the movie
                  malamud's novella has enjoyed new readership because of the movie, but originally, the natural (1952) did not have the hollywood happy ending.

                  and i'm pretty certain that the great majority of posters who have included the natural with robert redford did not read malumud beforehand. in fact, i will bet my farm.
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                    Damn Yankees-anything with the Washington Senators in it is great in my book!

                    I enjoyed "The Natural" and while I thought it was somewhat hokey, did appreciate the fact that it was filmed in Buffalo's old War Memorial Stadium. I thought the producers did a good job of depicting the era in which it was supposed to have taken place, although Joe Don Baker as "The Whammer", a thinly veiled Babe Ruth type, did strain the credibility a bit.

                    10-15 years ago, when AMC (American Movie Classics) did truly show classic movies, they used to show baseball movies at the start of the season. One I always liked, admittedly another hokey one, was the original "Kid from Left Field". It seems to me that Dan Daley appeared in a couple of baseball movies although that is the only one I can recall at the moment.
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                      61*...........was a great movie.
                      Sandlot......good the first few times but lame after about 10
                      The rookie.........very good.
             a few years back mayb 98 or so with kevin costner as a pitcher...not bad.

                      BY FAR THE BEST BASEBALL MOVIES EVER-the Major League series
                      ..comedy and baseball together who can beat that?
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                        Put me down for "The Natural."

                        Redford, Duvall, Basinger, Close, Wilford Brimley form a superior cast. The reactions of Brimley and his coaches when Hobbs steps in and takes his first cuts are a joy to watch.


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                          Originally posted by bosoxyanks
                 a few years back mayb 98 or so with kevin costner as a pitcher...not bad.
                          I think you're talking about "For Love of the Game"
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                            I really liked that Roy Campanella story. What did you think about that movie ?

                            Other than that it's hard to get baseball movies in Germany but the one's I got and like are:

                            1. 8 men out
                            2. The Rookie
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                              Natural is number 1

                              The Narural, staring Robert Redford, is the best baseball movie of all time. That is followed by 61*


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                                Ok , comedy i will definately have to say Major League. and of course 61 for documentary.
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