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  • digglahhh
    I have a friend who was a film major and is a big Mets fan like I am. We've talked about writing a script about a Met fan using integral moments in the franchise's history as metaphors for the fan's life descions, unknown to him. So, as he is deciding to break up with the woman he will ultimately go on love, unrequited, for the rest of his life, somewhere in the background is a news reporter announcing that the Mets traded Nolan Ryan. Stuff like that. But we never really get cracking on this thing, its a frequently re-occuring drunk conversation that does not actually manifest itself the following day. Our Mets movie is a popular joke between us. Anytime somebody asks me to do something that I don't want to do, I'm like "yeah, right after James and I write our script."
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  • JeepingBaseball
    started a topic Game 6

    Game 6

    I heard about this movie tonight for the 1st time, and it opens (3/10/06) in selected theaters across the country.

    Nice casting too. If I get anywhere near one of the selected theaters it's playing in, I'll check it out.

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