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    I would love to discuss the best weekly and monthly publications. I subscribe to Sports Weekly, TSN, SI and Basebal Digest.

    Sports Weekly is sliding fast, with NASCAR off the radar. Baseball Digest while still great, is down to 10 issues a year.

    TSN, is a shad eof its former glory, which last saw greatness in late 70's.

    So sad.........................

    How many still get Baseball Digest? They dropped all their other magazines, only Baseball Digest remains. FOunded in 1942!

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    I still get Baseball Digest...started getting it again a couple years ago after a few years without it.

    It's a decidedly low-tech affair...I don't even think they have their own website.

    Most of the questions people write in with have answers easily found online, and there's a decidely old-school feel to the writing. Sabermetrics have not found a stronghold here, for sure.

    Basically, the magazine is pretty much the same now as it was when I started reading it in the late 1980's. That's fine...but with so much other, more in-depth info out there nowadays, it makes the magazine seem a bit quaint and dated.

    Of course, they still occassionally hit one out of the park, especially with their looks at players/games/moments from the past.
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      I gave up on BBD about 4 decades ago, and TSN about 15 years ago. But I have a whole mess of the old BBD's from the mid-40s on up to the mid-60s, plus the rookie and roster issues up through about 2003.

      I guess BBD was my first exposure to a precursor of Sabermetrics in a 1959 issue when Runs Produced (RBI + R - HR) was introduced.


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        I subscribed to the Baseball Digest back in the early '80s but let my subscription expire after my parents made me earn my own money.

        I tried to get a new subscription last year but my cheque never made it to the magazine's office. I had one hell of a time trying to contact the magazine to find out what had happened.
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