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Inning by Inning / Pitch by Pitch type books

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  • Inning by Inning / Pitch by Pitch type books

    I'd like to get opinions on the Inning by Inning / Pitch by Pitch style of book. I read "Pure Baseball" by Keith Hernandez and liked it. The others that come to mind are "The Last Nine Innings" by Charles Euchner and "Nine Innings" by Daniel Okrent. I haven't read them yet.

    Some think they are dry. What do you think?

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    I like Nine Innings by Okrent. I would also recommend Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty.

    I haven't read Hernandez' book. My impression is that it is focused much more tightly on the particular games in question, in a tactical, field-level way, whereas the two above use the chosen games more as a structure upon which to hang discursive essays about broader matters. The specifics of the individual games are still important, but the point for me is really how each moment in the game is informed by so much (including a lot that was off the field) that has gone before.


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