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Ruth's called shot still a mystery

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  • Ruth's called shot still a mystery

    Here is a interesting article I found in a old issue of Baseball Digest from Sept 1948 on Ruth's called shot, What is so interesting about this is according to and Ruth's prior at bat he flied out
    and the ump in the article was at 1B not HP
    who do you believe?

    Ump Says
    Ruth Did
    Call Shot
    Champaign (Ill.) News-Gazette
    BABE RUTH called his shot in the 1932 World Series. Charley Root, the Cubs' pitcher who was
    the victim of the most dramatic home run in baseball history, denies it, but he is being called out by the umpire who worked behind the plate in that legendary game.
    The unvarnished truth from George Magerkurth, who called balls and strikes in the World Series game in Wrigley Field where Ruth contributed baseball's most spectacular home run, is that Root is being caught off base when he denies that Ruth called his shot.
    Magerkurth, who has retired from his professional career but who umpired the district NCAA playoffs in Champaign this summer, said that Ruth not only gestured toward center field, he also told Root—without mincing any o f the finer swear words — that if he brought the ball over the plate, he'd knock it out of the park.
    "Here's what happened," Magerkurth explained. "The time at bat before he hit his called home run, I called Ruth out on strikes. He turned around to me and said,
    'Where was that indelicacy pitch?' " 'Right down the indelicacy middle,' I told him.
    "Babe laughed when I said that. `Ain't it the indelicacy truth?'
    "When he came up the next time (it was the fifth inning), Root dusted him off with the first pitch. It wasn't at Babe's head, it was right at his body. He came back with a strike, and then threw at him again.
    "Finally the count worked to three balls and two strikes. Ruth was so mad he couldn't see.
    "He stepped out of the box and swore at Root. He called him every swear name in the book. Babe told Root, 'You throw that indelicacy pitch down this indelicacy middle and I'll knock it out of this indelicacy park.'
    "He accented it by pointing—definitely—toward center field.
    "Root came right down the middle with the pitch, and Ruth caught it. It went out of the park all right.
    "When Babe rounded third, he stopped on the base path right by the Cub dugout and gave the Cubs a Bronx cheer.
    "Yes, sir, there's no doubt. He called his shot all right. I don't know what made Charley Root say he didn't."
    And, remember, the umpire is always right ... particularly when his name is George Magerkurth.
    Magerkurth worked four World Series in his eighteen-year tenure as a National League umpire. He never had a thrill to equal the October 1, 1932, day when Babe Ruth called his shot against Charley Root and the Cubs.[/I]

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    In Curt Smith's Voices of the Game, he has a transcript of Tom Manning, one of the great early broadcasters, calling the game, and he says Ruth called the shot, that he clearly pointed toward center field. And that was not, I believe, a re-creation.


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