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"Only the Ball was White" DVD

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  • "Only the Ball was White" DVD

    I've got the old book somewhere... there seems to be a new documentary on DVD with the same title. Anyone know anything about this?
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    Review of the DVD

    Here's a review of it:

    I have had it on a homemade VHS tape for a long time, as it's from 1980 and I think I caught it on TV in 1994 after one of the Ken Burns "Baseball" episodes, when my local PBS station was running everything related to baseball it could find to keep the audience tuned in. (What a time that was! Well, there was no World Series, so that sucked, but still....)

    I think the review linked above _mostly_ hits it on the head, although there are (IIRC) some big names interviewed in it, including Satchel Paige and Buck Leonard (wearing quite the interesting outfits--as are most of the interviewees), so it has some value. The detail in the book is a whole lot more, and it should have been a lot longer than 30 minutes (I wonder if the filmmaker has interview outtakes--those would have been great), but it is worth renting at least, if not buying, just to see the interviews.



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