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    I haven't found a reference to this anywhere on the board. I have all the Sporting News Guides 1942-2006, and a couple of others. I started getting them as a kid in 1964 and always considered the arrival of the guide the start of my season. So I was pretty bummed when SN stopped production in 2006.

    Just found out a couple of weeks ago that 2 SABR guys, Gary Gillette and Pete Palmer, filled the gap (2007, 2008 and 2009) with The Emerald Guide to Baseball that duplicates the SN Guide and adds some great extras. It's privately published and is available at (not kidding). For those of you used to the old guides 2 caveats: 1. It's huge. The 1942-1981 Guides were the size of a small paperback in height and width and the 1982-2006 books the size of a larger paperback. The Emerald Guides are the size, in height, width and page count, of a metropolitan phone book. 2. It's really expensive, about $30 per volume delivered.

    Because of the high cost and size the book is available in a downloaded PDF version. Google it and you can probably find it. But for old book collectors like me, who delight in flipping the Guide pages and finding little nuggets here and there, a physical book can't be replaced.

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