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    You also left out For Love of the Game, which is among my favorites.

    But FWIW, my favorite ever is 61*


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      major league is my favorite. bull durham and 61* are great but major league consistently cracked me up everytime.


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        Originally posted by Tampa Bay Giants View Post
        Out of that bunch, I like Mr. 3,000.

        Where was Mr. Baseball?
        Japan. At least, for most of the movie.

        Really, the biggest issue with polls are you can't include everything, especially in a long list. Creating polls are always thankless tasks.
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          1) Major League 2
          2) Pride of the Yankees
          3) 61*
          4) The Sandlot
          5) Little Big League

          Got to have the 2 from my childhood!


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            Eight Men out for me.

            I like Bull out of these


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              The Natural. It gets better every time I see it. It's so much more than just a feel-good sports movie. Of the movies on the list, I'll go with Field of Dreams or The Sandlot. The Sandlot sequels were absolute garbage.


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                Originally posted by OleMissCub View Post
                You also left out For Love of the Game, which is among my favorites.

                But FWIW, my favorite ever is 61*
                I'm with you on For Love of the Game--great baseball movie


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                  Fever Pitch.

                  Haha, but seriously I picked Bull Durham.
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                    Field of Dreams, The Natural, Angels in the Outfield (both versions, actually- the original when I'm in a mature mood and the Disney one when I just want some silly fun) and The Rookie are all favorites of mine.

                    But I chose Fver Pitch because my friends, all of whom are in drama and they (we) are all very close, liked the movie, as did I, and watching it together was one of the things that helped draw us closer- I liked the baseball, they liked the romance (they ARE mostly girls in our drama family.)

                    Plus, after that movie my best friend decided to take after her mther and started to watch the Red Sox, and so now she and I can talk Mets-Sox baseball......... it's a good thing when a movie can do all that.

                    Oh- and I like Jimmy Fallon (my friends say I'M like the guy in the movie, the obsessed fan with ll the merchandise, only for the Mets, and they hav a point) but the 12:30 am late night slot belongs to Craig Ferguson on NBC.
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                      Bull Durham and Field of Dreams are both in my collection, Bull D being my alltime fave. Both DVDs have been reissued in the last year or so in a 2-disc format with extra featurrettes. At the very least, they're worth reviewing again just for the extras.

                      Eight Men Out was also wonderful. Why is it that so many great baseball movies came out from 1987 through 1990?
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                        The Natural is my personal favorite, but Field of Dreams, Eight Men Out (oh, and a suggestion, the next time you decide to watch either EMO or FOD, watch EMO first) and For the Love Of the Game are big faves as well.

                        You may have never heard of this movie, but "The Final Season" with Powers Boothe, about the Norway High School baseball team was pretty awesome. I loved it anyway.

                        I interviewed Powers Boothe about the movie, and found out he's a huge baseball guy himself, but the thing I found most interesting was the love of baseball in Indiana, which I always thought of as a basketball state.
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                          1. Bull Durham
                          2. The Sandlot
                          3. Field of Dreams
                          4. A League of Their Own
                          5. Major League
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                            Must confess that this is not an impressive list. Topping mine:
                            1. Eight Men Out
                            2. Bang the Drum Slowly
                            3. The Babe Ruth Story, one of the worst movies ever made but a timeless classic.
                            4. Pride of the Yankees, because Theresa Wright was gorgeous and Gary Cooper was Gary Cooper.
                            5. Fear Strikes Out, which led to Tony Perkins being cast in Psycho.


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                              sandlot because it was my first baseball movie and it really got me into the sport
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                                field of dreams and league of their own are the only two on the list that i saw, so i went with field of dreams.
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