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    How is "The Natural" NOT on this list? It may be corny, but that's part of it's charm and why it is the best baseball movie IMO.


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      Originally posted by tomzpc View Post
      How is "The Natural" NOT on this list? It may be corny, but that's part of it's charm and why it is the best baseball movie IMO.
      Well, when you're trying to think of every movie out there, it's hard. Probably what happened was, he thought of it later and then said, "I've listed what, over 15, I must have put it there already," without checking.

      But, I agree, it's a great movie. I like silly fun like the 2nd "Angels int he Outfield" - I've never seen the first. So, I voted it first. However, on any given night, I could easily vote for "The natural," "Bang the Drum Slowly," or "Field of Dreams." Honorable mentions are "Rookie of the Year," "Pride of the Yankees," the original "Bad News Bears" (though I havne't seen it in what, maybe 20 years?), and probably 1-2 more I'm forgetting. (I have never seen "Eight Men out.") I also liked "The Rookie," "Major League," and...oh, there's just so many good ones. It's hard to make a really bad baseball movie, in my opinion. I mean, while it's not a baseball movie per se, even the baseball scenes in that one Naked Gun movie were hilarious!
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        Field of Dreams really hits home for older guys like me who's dad has passed away. It can be a very emotional movie.

        For humor, as a whole movie, Major League is the best for me.

        However, in Naked Gun, the last third of the movie takes place during a baseball game and to me its the funniest baseball stuff ever in a movie. You have Lt. Drebin singing as Enrico Palacho, you have him umpiring behind home plate while searching the players for guns, you have the umpires getting a guy into a rundown, etc. Its a riot.


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          From the list, I voted for Major League. Bull Durham is a VERY close second but Major League is better. I think that Major League 3 is better than Major Leauge 2 by a long shot. Field Of Dreams is so schmaltzy to me, I've never liked it. The Natural seems very realistic after watching that one.

          A personal honorable mention: Long Gone. It's an HBO movie that starred William Peterson and is about a minor league team in the deep south in the sixties. Very well made, fun to watch and shows some of what the black and latin players had to deal with to try and play ball. Probably not on DVD.
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            My Favorite Classic Baseball Movies:

            Listed chronologically, not in order of preference.

            1. It Happens Every Spring - 1949 - Ray Milland, professor who discovers wood-repellent substance. Ball jumps around the bat.

            2. The Winning Team - 1952 - Ronald Reagan played Pete Alexander.

            3. Damn Yankees - 1958 - Ray Walston (My Favorite Martian fame) - Tab Hunter. Gwen Verdon does Bob Fosse choreography (Whatever Lola Wants tango routine). Fosse also made a cameo appearance in dance routine. Music score was outstanding. Tab Hunter plays Joe Hardy, from Hannibal, MO, a transformed old Washington Senator's fan, into a young baseball super hero.

            4. The Natural - 1984 - Robert Redford as aging rookie sensation. Glenn Close does nice girl, Barbara Hershey does dark enigma, Kim Basinger is easy on the eyes.

            5. Field of Dreams - 1989 - Kevin Costner gets unique chance to reunite with his Dad.

            6. Talent For the Game - 1991 - Edward James Olmos plays a BB scout who finds a great pitching prospect, but must become personally involved.

            7. A League of Their Own - 1992 - Geena Davis played composite player, Dottie Hinson. Tom Hanks, Madonna, Lori Petty, Jon Lovitz, Rosie O'Donnell support well.

            8. Soul of the Game - 1996 - Delroy Lindo, Mykelti Williamson play HBO film's Satchel Paige/Josh Gibson. Good pathos. Had heart.

            9. For Love of the Game - 2000 - Kevin Costner is back in uniform.

            10. The Rookie - 2002 - Dennis Quaid plays a HS coach with a 100 mph fastball, giving it one more shot, if his HS team cops league title. Nice heart, good pathos.

            Honorable Mentions:

            Pride of the Yankees - 1942 - Gary Cooper, Babe played himself, as did Bill Dickey, Bob Meusel, and Mark Koenig.

            Babe Ruth (1991) (TV), Stephen Lang played Babe, who was trim, for once. Refreshing.


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              For me The Bad News Bears is my all-time favorite baseball movie. Unclenching realism as to how parents can ruin Little League baseball peppered with hilarious comedy. Buttermaker, Kelley Leak, Amanda Whurlitzer, Tanner Boyle, Rudy Stein, etc. And how many baseball movies have had two Oscar winners in the cast?
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