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    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post threads about video games, but what MLB video games do you guys play? I have MLB 2K9 and there are way too many glitches. Anyone have MLB The Show?
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    No, I haven't played any current titles. Personally, I always liked MVP Baseball 2005. The last MLB game produced by EA Sports. Does anyone know when 2K's contract with MLB runs out?
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      MLB: The Show is probably the best baseball game since MVP '05. I don't want to get to in detail because I may sound like a homer, but the game is very in-depth and provides the most realistic simulation baseball on the market. Let me know what kind of things you want from a baseball game and I'll let you know whether or not The Show has the feature and how well it is or isn't implemented. I can say this though...if you're into playing a franchise, The Show is absolutely sick!


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        MLB 09 The Show is by far the best baseball game ever made. Maybe of all sports - the depth to which they went in this game amazes me each time I pick it up. Every player's little nuances, when my Yankee crowd cheered Giambi's first game back and he tipped the hat, there's something every game I play that blows me away.

        Addictive as hell too, I've had dreams about my franchise.
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          I've played essentially every major title from MicroLeague to Earl Weaver Baseball and everything since then. HH2003, BBPro98, and Tony2 were games I played A LOT.

          The 2K series was 'playable' as an only option for 360 owners. I gave up on 2k9 after many attempts and roster edits and modded unis, etc ... and now just play a modded and up to date MVP (PC).

          I still find it to be a very good and realistic game, and the visual mods enhance the game as much as possible. Other mods have made the game more reaistic and more dificult, as needed ... to avoid 'staleness' and 'mastery'.

          I'm working on making a set of 2010 rosters based on "projected stats" (CHONE, ZIPS, PECOTA, etc), and if I'm not thrilled with what I get ... I'm on my way to PS3 and MLB10 ... but I'd like to avoid the whole console scene if I can. Too many FRAGs (death) have left a bad taste in my mouth.


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            CircleChange you are everywhere. I've come across you on 2k and just now saw your franchise on VSN.

            I had some good fun with 2k7 and 8 with realistic sliders. I played the SHow 09 and its by far the most realistic, true to life MLB experience ever.

            2k9 was not very good. The Show can bore you (boring presentation, etc, menus, just presentation overall) but the on the field game is oustanding.

            If the Show could incorpare the type of presentation 2k does very well, I would be amazed with that. the 2k games always feel more "alive".


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              MVP Baseball 05 was great. Although, I think MLB the Show 09 tops it. It has to be the most realistic game created.
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                I play MLB PowerPros 2008 on the Wii. Sure it's very cartoony, but it's alot of fun.


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                  Out of the Park Baseball X. Definitely the best managerial out there. I'm playing a historic league started in 1930, with real players and accurate stats. So interesting to see how baseball history changes in the game, with AI trades and draft picks. The greatest dinasty in the '50s and '60s? Mickey Mantle's Milwaukee Braves! Lol. Great game, though.


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                    I'm with DarioMet - the OOTP series has been great and OOTPX, the latest incarnation, is fantastic. All the customisation you could want - but text based, not a console game. Very in-depth and engrossing. You can create any kind of baseball universe you could imagine. :gt


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