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    I just finished reading "the Beer and Whiskey League" for the third time this year so far, and I must admit that it is easily the best baseball book I've ever read. The photos, the stories, the info, and David Nemec's writing are just phenomenal. Curious what others out there think of it- if amyone liked it as much as I did.
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    Hmm. I actually haven't been able to make it all the way through that for the first time. Maybe it's me.


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      I read it a couple years ago and enjoyed it immensely. I liked it as much as you did. I thought he did a great job with it and I particularly liked his format of detailing each year of the AA. After I read it, it got my wheels spinning...

      ...I've thought seriously about writing a book about the Dead Ball Era following the same format as the Beer and Whiskey League. The title would be something like: The Definitive Year-By-Year History of the Dead Ball Era. Each chapter would be devoted to a year between 1900 and 1919, with details of the season and pennant races, highlights, side bars, lots of bios and pictures of the prominent players and teams, details of the WS, lots of statistical summaries at the end of each chaper, including league leaders in all categories. As I said, same format as the B&WL.

      If a book about the American Association can sell, surely a similar book devoted to the Dead Ball Era would generate a lot more interest. And I've checked around a bit...there doesn't appear to be anything like this in print that I can find.

      Does this idea resonate with anyone else?...I'd sure like a partner!


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        Maybe I'm a loner in my country in regard with the interest in baseball. Meanwhile, I am very interested in assisting such a project. For sure, I hold a candle to anyone who is a member of this website, regarding the general knowledge of baseball. By the way, I could be helpful in social and cultural analytical parts. To thia, add my information about the AMerican history and society.You know, I'm getting my MA in American Studies and I'm defending my thesis on baseball.
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          Originally posted by GaryL View Post
          If a book about the American Association can sell,
          Did it?

          I wanted to like this one, I just didn't find the prose, the writing itself, very compelling, despite my interest in the subject.


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