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A Game of Inches

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  • A Game of Inches

    a game of inches: the stories behind the innovations that shaped baseball, the game on the field by peter morris

    just picked this up - seems like a great book about the formation and development of the game - learned quite a bit just scanning it - heavily researched and well presented

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    An amazing book

    I took out a copy from the library last week. It's a brilliant book, and along with David Block's BASEBALL BEFORE WE KNEW IT from last year, it's going to totally change the way people think about 19th century baseball. With any luck, I might get a chance to review it for a local publication.

    I'm glad to see so much great SABR-inspired research reach such a wide audience.


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      Sounds interesting.
      I'll have to check that one out.
      Can you say S O R I A N O !!!


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        it's on the back burner but i'm about half way through it - definitely a significant book concerning the origins of many facets of the game - many reaching into the 19th century - every paragraph is notated


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