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Bill Jenkinson's new book: Baseball's Ultimate Power

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  • Bill Jenkinson's new book: Baseball's Ultimate Power

    Baseball's Ultimate Power: Ranking the All-Time Greatest Distance Home Run Hitters

    It arrived on my porch today and i can't wait to read it when i get home. I'll update everybody on my thoughts afrer i read it.

    I absolutley loved "The Year Babe Ruth Hit 104 Home Runs"

    So i'm expecting greatness from this one as well

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    I've read through a good portion of the book and it's a great read. If not for the great information and years of research, meticulously describing every last detail of the men and specific monster shots; i would buy it for the references alone. It's filled with photographs of every ballpark and the farthest shots in each field to left, center and right field. It contains the top power rankings by position, fastest players of all time, hardest throwing pitchers of all time, along with so many other list and stats. You can tell just by reading all the detailed articles within that Bill has without a doubt spent many more hours than any human should researching all the notable and non-notable long distance shots in history and I AM VERY GLAD HE DID. One of the best baseball books i have ever read, it only peaked my interest in the subject more.


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      new YOUTUBE video with some of the long hitters and a few all around guys= Based on Bill Jenkinson's "Baseball's Ultimate Power"
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