This song parody is to the tune of "The Band's song "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" - Original composer: Jamie Robbie Robertson (Copyright-1969).

"2010 - The Night We Drive The Yankees Down"

Verse One:

Virgil Caine Is The Name, a Phillies' fan for life.
Last Fall I sat in pain and silence, when the Yankees caused us strife.
Next Year we'll have revenge on New York for their Philly Disses
We'll turn the tables on Jeter and his Yankees princes.
When we beat New York, with Philly fans I'll share the Bliss,
We'll tell the Yankees and their fans, just what they can Kiss.


The Night We Drive The Yankees Down
Phillies fans will be singing

The Night We Drive The Yankees down
Even the Liberty Bell Will Be Ringing
We'll sing LA, LA, LA, LA , LA ,LA, LA

Verse Two:

We Fought them Yankees last Year, and you know the rest.
We tried to give 'em Hell, yes, we did our best.
But it wasn't a level Playing field, and there's not much you can do.
Against a Yankee roster that earns more than all of Peru.
The Steinbrenners like to play with a deck that's stacked.
But tell those Yankees Aces in Twenty-Ten we're gonna pay them back.

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three:

Back with my wife in Upper Darby, when one day she called to me.
Virgil, quick come running, there goes David Montgomery
He's gonna give Rube and Charlie some Sage Advice
So that the Yankees don't beat us twice.
Those aging Yanks managed to have one last great year.
But those old men are going down next time, Philly don't you fear.

Repeat Chorus

Verse Four:

Like my Father before me, I'm a Phillies Man
and with my Brothers and Sisters at Citizens Bank Park, we form a Mighty Clan.
The N. L. pennant will be just another Whistle Stop
'Cause we won't quit until we reach The Top
Count on it folks, In Two Thousand Ten
That Philly Town, Will Be Sure To RISE AGAIN!

Repeat chorus To the END.

Registered Copyright - 2010 for New Lyrics - Dennis Orlandini

Music & Original Lyrics : Jamie Robbie Robertson (1969); Artists: The Band; Album: The Band; Song: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.

With Apologies to Jamie Robbie Robertson & THE BAND.

Dennis Orlandini - Aka: philliesfiend55-