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    Has anyone read Game of Shadows, im thinking about getting a copy but I wanted to know what you guys thought about it first.

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    I just got done reading it. I didn't really plan on reading it, but my mother got it for me as a gift, so I gave it a shot.

    It wasn't as hokey as I thought it was going to be, but the book is only half baseball/Bonds material. There is a lot about Conte (biography) and the athletes linked to Conte (Jones, Montgomery, etc).

    It is better written than I expected--however, they didn't pull any punches in portrying Bonds as a jerk. They weren't over the top with self-righteousness until the epilogue.


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      love the story about bonds balking about his grandmother asking him to buy her a wheelchair - he said what does she need it for anyway, she's going to die


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        It erased any doubt I had about Bonds...

        It is a shame too, he was a Hall of Famer pre-steroids and now a joke or worse yet an *......

        If he is allowed in the Hall of Fame, you better be prepared for an all out Rose fest......this man cheated the game worse than Pete ever did!!!!

        The book itself illustrates baseballs blind eye toward Bonds and the people he put around him. They missed the boat and now the game and the fan suffer for it......
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          still listening to the book on tape - with every continuing word bonds comes off more and more as a complete jerk.


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            It's a good book but it gets a little bit repetitive. One thing that I will say is that it left no doubt that Bonds took steroids.


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              Originally posted by Mike41691
              One thing that I will say is that it left no doubt that Bonds took steroids.
              ...and lied about it to the grand jury


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                I'm about to finish it tonight. Very interesting book: really changed my view of how modern baseball is played(At least by some).


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