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    P.S. -- You should get him a book called "Little Lefty" once he's reading. Great story about a little league baseball player.
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      Matt Christopher books are good stuff. I think I still have about 40-50, just couldn't get enough of 'em.


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          Books...and movies

          Originally posted by Sluggerrr
          Matt Christopher books are good stuff. I think I still have about 40-50, just couldn't get enough of 'em.
          Couldn't agree more. I found one accidently at a sale (local library annual book sale for charity thing)...and then I ran to and got all of the Matt Christopher books I could find (real treat, since even a lot of new paperbacks there are only $2.95). And there are several, for different age groups.

          I also love the Clair Bee books (baseball only for now, though I do want them all eventually) in the Chip Hilton series. They are all about the sport (24 books total, 9 on baseball, the others are divided between basketball and football), with some subtle training ideas, as well as a good message in them all (overcoming the bully, etc.). None of them would I deem offensive in any way (they follow Chip from high school to college), no language issues, the players going to college and finding "romance" isn't even all that detailed, mostly "She's my girlfriend" or joking about a team member liking a girl...nothing even remotely "in your face", sexually, about the relationships. They are long chapter books, around 200 pages, but I read them to my younger ones (5, 3, and 21 mos.) starting every spring doing a couple pages a night before bed, the two older children (10 and 7), of course, read them on their own.

          Now, as for the OP's question of movies....all except the Disney one with the dog, Bud, do have some possible offensive language in them (generally mild). Give them the once over first. Even the best parent has slipped with that "Damn!" now and it's really up to you as to what you deem "bad" for your son.

          I do let mine watch Field of Dreams....I have it on DVD, and they all love it....however, even though I do have it on DVD, I taped it from TV to give them the editted version, which cuts out a lot of the language. I did this for them with A League of Their Own, too. Any "adult" oriented movies they want to watch...I tape from TV, watch myself...and if it's "not too bad"...they have their own videos of the movies I love.

          Bad News Bears, past or "present"....I would recommend any baseball fan over 13 watch at some point. If you do rent it for your own viewing, don't forget all of them...Bad News Bears in Breaking Training...Bad News Bears Go to Japan, etc. There are...4 or 5 of them total (including the remake)...all have their funny moments...but definetely not "kiddie" movies.

          Heck, even after the kids go to bed, sometimes I like to pull Sandlot and Sandlot 2 (with girls on the field, little stronger language, though) down to watch myself. Rookie of the Year is also one of my favorites. As well as Angels in the Outfield (newer version).

          Okay, okay....I'm shuting that I've written a novel myself. LOL
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            Originally posted by Go Gomes
            Little Big League.....Kid's grandfather dies and leaves him the Minnesota Twins, the kid then decides to become manager of the twins and leads them to well....youll have to find that one out for yourself.
            i forgot about this movie, its a good movie.

            however, nothing tops angels in the outfield. i found it on tbs one night at 3 in the morning and watched it. classic movie.


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              Bad New Bears with earmuffs.
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                for a movie, Angels in the Outfield. For a good book, "the kid who only hit homers" by matt christopher
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                  if he wants to watch Field of Dreams, why not just let him watch it?


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                    Wait till he's 10 or 12, and show him The Rookie, and Mickey. A year or two after that, he should be comfortable watching 61.


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