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.400 hitting is strictly prohibited in Major League Baseball (MLB)?

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  • .400 hitting is strictly prohibited in Major League Baseball (MLB)?

    .400 hitting is strictly prohibited in Major League Baseball (MLB)

    “.400 hitting is strictly prohibited in Major League Baseball.” Said Coach Wright. “Dammit man, you sound totally insane! You know that’s a lot of garbage. If anyone knew how to produce .400 hitters, you know as well as I do that they would be teaching it in MLB today.” Responded Coach Spain with the all-knowing assurance of a man who had coached college baseball for 40 years.

    “Well, that’s just one more lie you have accepted as truth. I know this is true because I have seen it with my own eyes. You have seen it too. You know I can produce a steady supply of .400 hitters yet I have been rejected by General Managers and Player Development types in MLB for more than 30 years now.”

    “Yes, but Coach Wright, please remember how disrespectfully you have spoken to so many of these MLB front office types in the past. I am quite sure you have been black-balled from their little fraternity.”

    “This may be true but these MLB executives, all of the ones I’ve communicated with, want to keep their jobs far more than they want to risk failure, rock the boat, or try anything new, even if it means missing out on something truly extraordinary. They are hopelessly paralyzed by fear.” Added Coach Wright.

    “Ah, that sounds like sour grapes to me. Hell, the MLB executives have people like you trying to sell them one supposedly fantastic idea or another every day. Why should they stop everything they are doing just to give you a chance? I mean, you sound insane to me making such wild claims about .400 hitting being strictly prohibited by MLB. Everyone is so competitive at that level, they would jump all over such .400 hitting technology if it actually existed.”

    “Coach Spain, in a fair and decent world, everything you are saying would be true and I would be widely recognized as the greatest hitting instructor in Baseball History. I would literally be the Nikola Tesla of Hitting Science.”

    “However, we are living in a world controlled by a very few men, all of whom happen to be criminals of the highest magnitude. And Coach Spain, it is these few men, all trillionaires, and I mean trillionaires (not just billionaires) who also control every MLB team owner.”

    “Now, Coach Wright, you are beginning to frighten me with this kind of talk. I honestly believe you need to see a shrink. Why on earth would these trillionaires give a hoot in hell about controlling major league baseball team owners?” asked Coach Spain as he made an ugly face indicating a total disbelief in Coach Wright’s claims.

    “I know I sound insane to you, but that’s only because you have been misinformed and/or lied to your entire life by the very folks you have trusted most, like your parents, your doctors, teachers, preachers, scientists, and everyone else, including politicians and the media.”

    “Just listen to yourself. You sound insane. Everybody I trust has been lying to me my entire life? Now, that’s just garbage. I know my parents, some of my teachers and coaches have been honest with me, so that makes you wrong. God, you sound nuts!”

    “Coach Spain, many times folks are simply misinformed, not really liars. You know what I mean. They honestly believe they are telling the truth when, in fact, they are in error. Maybe it would be better to say your loved ones were misinformed, giving you misinformation, instead of intentionally lying.”

    “Coach Spain, the trillionaires’ lying and suppressing of science has been going on for the past 100 years at a record pace. Technology has been absolutely exploding over the past 100 years and the ruling trillionaires have had to work very hard to keep you and me from learning their many ugly secrets. And, some secrets are incredibly ugly.”

    “Secrets? Like what kind of secrets have these evil trillionaires been keeping from us? Asked Coach Spain in a dubious, sarcastic manner. “Well, how about the suppressing of numerous cancer cures over the past 75 years resulting in the unnecessary suffering and untimely deaths of millions of Americans? Is that an example of evil that gets your attention?”

    “Oh my God, you really have lost your mind. You know there is absolutely no way anyone could possibly manage to commit such horrible crimes against humanity and successfully get away with it!” That’s just ridiculous.”

    “Yes, I understand how you feel. However, you are still living in Fantasy Land Coach Spain. When you have some time, simply do some homework. Learn about Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Harry Hoxsey, and Rick Simpson for starters. Learn how the Rockefeller Family gained total control over the entire Medical Establishment about 75 years ago and how they have managed to keep so many ugly secrets from the masses.”

    “Baseball is simply one of many distractions they use to prevent people from learning the real truth. However, because a Mega Star of any variety, whether it is a football star, baseball star, or even rock star can be potentially threatening to the trillionaires, they keep careful watch over all forms of entertainment.”

    “Whenever people become enormously popular, the trillionaires usually figure out some way to discredit or marginalize this star to minimize any potential future impact that star might have should the star become an activist or whistleblower who tells the ugly truth about these trillionaires. And, it always helps to have a picture of the star having sex with a goat too.”

    “Well, this all sounds preposterous to me and believe you me, I will check this out. OK, so you say these evil trillionaires have suppressed technology that both prevents and cures cancer. What else have they allegedly suppressed?”

    “These trillionaire gangsters have also suppressed energy technology that could supply every home in the world with an abundant source of free electricity.” “What? Now that really does sound insane.” That’s right, Nikola Tesla, developed this technology nearly 100 years ago. However, when his big investor J.P. Morgan discovered there was no way to meter this electrical energy so he could make money selling this energy, J.P Morgan stopped his funding and shut down Tesla’s project. Just look it up.”

    “Coach Spain, who do you believe invented the radio?” “Well, everyone knows Marconi invented the radio.” “I realize this is what most of us have been taught, but the truth is Tesla invented radio technology too, only about 11 years before Marconi.”

    “In the 1943 Supreme Court Case of Tesla vs. Marconi, the Court ruled that Tesla was the true inventor of radio technology and deserved the patent rights. Just look it up. This is just an example of how the trillionaires have succeeded in brainwashing the masses to believe lies as the truth.”

    “Coach Spain, you don’t know much about Nikola Tesla because they don’t want you to know much about him. He was such a gifted inventor responsible for AC current, the electrical current that runs our world today. He also invented the electric induction motor which is also found everywhere today. He, more than anyone else, ushered in the industrial revolution.”

    “Yet, because he also knows how to provide free and unlimited energy to the world, these greedy trillionaires have worked hard to keep information about Tesla away from us. Tesla also developed the technology which serves as the backbone of H.A.A.R.P. technology too. Tesla is a big time threat to these trillionaires.”

    “Coach Spain, look up the water powered automobile engine that gets 100 miles per gallon, of water! Imagine filling up your fuel tank with your garden hose about once a month. This technology had to be suppressed for obvious reasons. The oil business, the energy business is about a $6 trillion dollar per year business. The trillionaire gangsters are simply protecting their primary source of income. Remember, they do not care about you, not at all, unless you start telling too many people about their ugly activities.”

    “OK, so they have been suppressing both medical science and energy science, what else?” asked Coach Spain now becoming a little less skeptical, but still dubious. “OK, let’s talk about war and drugs, shall we?”

    “These trillionaire gangsters have intentionally started every major war over the past 200 years because wars are not only incredibly profitable but a great way to establish one of their central banks, like our FED, in a conquered country and enslave the entire population for many years to come.”

    “Once these trillionaires have one of their central banks controlling a country’s money supply, that country then becomes totally owned and controlled by the evil trillionaires.
    Any country who refuses a Rothschild-controlled central bank is classified a “Rogue” Nation and automatically becomes an enemy target for the Trillionaires’ War Machine to invade, conquer, and occupy.”

    “Oh please, come on now Coach Wright, you really do sound nuts when you make such wild claims.” And, Coach Spain, are you aware that our CIA is the world’s biggest heroin and cocaine dealer too?” Oh my God, is there no end to your madness? How in the world could they possibly get away with such fantastic crimes, crimes of such Biblical Proportions?

    “OK Coach Spain let me explain how these trillionaire gangsters have managed to keep their ugly secrets hidden from most of us. Let’s begin with The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Beginning shortly after World War II, the Rockefeller Family, along with several other trillionaire elites began heavily funding The Tavistock Institute for the purpose of developing the most effective ways and means of manipulating the mass consciousness. They wanted to control the thoughts and feelings of the masses.”

    “Man, I have never even heard of this Tavistock Institute.” “Coach Spain, this is because they don’t want you knowing about The Tavistock Institute. You need to understand that these trillionaire gangsters own virtually all of the media, all TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, and now numerous sources of information found on the internet too. They strive to control all sources of information. Over the past 200 years they have succeeded in acquiring ownership and/or control over virtually all sources of information. That’s why you don’t know about any of the really ugly stuff.”

    “So, what does all of this have to do with baseball owners strictly prohibiting .400 hitting on their respective teams?” “Let me answer that question by describing a possible scenario that truly frightens these trillionaire gangsters.”

    Let’s say we are in Boston, New York, Chicago, or LA, one of the really big markets and a good looking baseball player hits .425 with 100 Home Runs, and maybe does it several years in a row. This player could be a local college football star converted into a MLB Mega Star, great for ticket sales.”

    “Just imagine a baseball player who looks like New England Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady, hitting .425 with 100 Home Runs for the Boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees? Just look how popular Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks has become in just over a week as a starter for the Knicks. He has become a sensation, virtually over night. He just got his picture on the cover of TIME magazine.”

    “So what?” “My point is that a Tom Brady-like .400 hitting power hitter in a city like New York would soon have a gigantic following of millions of adoring and passionate fans who would literally worship the very ground he walks on, right?” “Well, yes, I suppose so.”

    “I still don’t understand why such a superstar player would frighten the evil trillionaires.”
    “OK, just suppose that after a few years of record setting hitting achievements, our Tom Brady-like Mega Star decides to become a political activist and start telling the truth about these evil trillionaires. Coach Spain, do you honestly believe anyone would listen to him?”

    “Well, yes I guess lots of folks would want to know what he is saying.” “Precisely! This is the reason why .400 hitting in MLB is strictly prohibited. Our ruling trillionaires simply can’t take a chance that this Tom Brady-like scenario might actually occur.”

    “OK, I’m still a little fuzzy about the role of this Tavistock Institute in brainwashing the masses.” “Sometime around 1946, the trillionaire gangsters, led by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and the Jesuit General started heavily funding Tavistock, located in London, by hiring the legendary Dr. Sigmund Freud to head up the Institute. Along with Dr. Freud, they also hired Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, the father of Public Relations.”

    “Well, I just don’t understand how only a few people could possibly brainwash the entire world or at least the majority of folks in the Western world, like America and Great Britain.”

    “Think of this criminal organization as a vast pyramid with the trillionaires at the very top. Tavistock would be directly under the trillionaires. Tavistock receives their orders directly from the trillionaires, then formulates specific mind manipulation strategies, and then passes along the programming ideas to be implemented down to hundreds of organizations and associations throughout the world.”

    “Organizations and associations, like which ones?” There are literally hundreds of organizations and associations which directly influence the thinking of virtually everyone, everywhere, in every walk of life. For example, in America there is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the 33rd Degree Freemasons, the Knights of Malta, MIT, Stanford Research Institute, the Brookings Institute, the Hoover Institute, and countless other organizations and associations.”

    “So, so what?” “Well, you don’t become a CEO of any large corporation unless you have been thoroughly trained by Tavistock or one of its sister organizations. Every prominent person, in every field of endeavor, is made aware of the Trillionaires’ agenda or marching orders. The vast majority of multi millionaires and billionaires understand who really runs the planet and they all know the best way to hold on to their wealth and prominence is to avoid irritating these trillionaire gangsters.”

    “Every MLB team owner is well aware of their place in the overall scheme of things too. They all know that if they are foolish enough to antagonize these ruling trillionaires that they can be easily destroyed. Therefore, for most MLB team owners, not standing out too much or just simply being “average” is really quite good enough.”

    “Remember, the vast majority, if not all, of the MLB team owners wish to keep what they have. Therefore, they will be very careful to do nothing that might jeopardize their wealth and position in society. Rocking the boat draws the unwanted attention of the trillionaires.”

    “This is the main reason why you haven’t seen a .400 hitter in MLB since 1941 when Ted Williams hit .406. While the technology and knowledge exists right now to begin producing a never ending supply of .400 hitting power hitters in MLB, the ruling trillionaires have spoken. They have strictly forbidden .400 hitting in MLB.”

    “It would take a daring and courageous Baseball executive, indeed, to utilize such state of the art mental programming technology to produce .400 hitters, even beginning at the Minor league level. However, I am afraid it would only be a matter of time before the trillionaires become aware of such potentially hazardous activity and have it stopped.”

    “Remember, these people have murdered presidents, started all the wars, run all the drugs, murdered millions over the past 100 years, and have succeeded in getting away with all of this crime. MLB team owners all know this too.”

    “Even if someone managed to hit .400 with 100 HR’s, that person would be set-up for a fall. Like Tesla’s free energy technology, my state of the art hitting technology has been suppressed by these Trillionaires too. Perhaps, some day soon, someone in baseball will demonstrate the courage necessary to risk life and limb to figure out a way to provide us with another .400 hitter.”

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    Thank you for not re-posting this to the coaching forum, but where it belongs, with the rest of the fiction.


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      Gosh, I had no idea!
      They call me Mr. Baseball. Not because of my love for the game; because of all the stitches in my head.


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