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    Anybody seen this show?It's on Spike TV.

    For you that havn't,It takes ordinary people and puts them up against Professional athletes.Who ever preforms the best against the pros wins 20,000$.Some baseball greats that have been on the show so far are John Rocker and Bo Jackson.

    Tomorrow's show looks good,from the preview you see John Rocker throw over some "Joes" head and then he charges the mound,then they show an ambulance pulling away .I think it's the season finalie.

    What does everyone else think of the show?

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    Yeah, I saw the marathon today. First time watching. Good show.


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      it's obvious the pros are big and strong and agile even after retirement - tough for a joes body to keep up with that


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        I saw one with Dave Stewart. The Joes had to catch 3 or 4 of his fastballs. Even though he is kind of old, he still got it in the 80's.
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          If you guys had seen the first one it was so obvious that Jerry Rice, even long after his time as the greatest NFL wideout has past, was just making these guys look stupid with almost zero effort. Very impressive.
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            I caught a few of them. How about when Romanowski got beat in the tackling drill and then he chased the guy down from behind and then pushed him into a the flexible wall. Most of the Joe's suck at baseball. When Bo Jackson was on he looked like he lost a lot of his arm strength. He could only lob the ball in from the outfield as they tried to score on sac flies hit to him in left.

            Of the one with the Joe that was about 5'8" trying to grab a rebound over Dennis Rodman. Now that was good TV.
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