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    Eight years ago, i read this incredible piece in The New Yorker. I'm glad to see that it's available online now. I thought of it when I saw the thread about R.A. Dickey's biography. This is an incredible read. I believe I read it while the Yankees and Sox were embroiled in the 2004 LCS.

    Vindication for that awkward baseball pitch also known as the flutterball, the floater, the dancer, the bubble, and the ghostball.

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    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing. I don't recall the knuckleballer named Zink. Did I miss him? Did he not make it?
    "Herman Franks to Sal Yvars to Bobby Thomson. Ralph Branca to Bobby Thomson to Helen Rita... cue Russ Hodges."


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      I remember Charlie Zink. He never did much.


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        Charlie Zink played in one Major League game. It was eventful, to say the least:
        "Heck, all I got was a $100 check. I should have kept it and framed it, but I had to eat".

        Infielder Bob Hegman, when asked if he received a World Series ring for playing one inning of one game with the World
        Champion 1985 Kansas City Royals.


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