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Tales From, And Then (Insert Name) said to (Insert Name), Essential, etc

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  • Tales From, And Then (Insert Name) said to (Insert Name), Essential, etc

    Seems like the last 15 or so years series of anecdotal nostalgia books with a sameness trade dress have really flooded the market.

    Tales From The (Fill in Blank) Dugout (sometimes "written" by a specific player)
    And Then (Insert Name) said to (Insert Name)
    100 Things (Insert Team) Fans Should Know Or Do Before They Die
    Essential (Insert Team) (Usually reads like a chronological, quick & dirty and dry team history)
    (Insert Team) Pride: For The Love Of (Insert Three Generally Recognizable Names)
    The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Insert Name)
    101 Reasons To Love The (Insert Name)

    And I'm sure I'm leaving a heck more out. So, I ask, what are some of the better ones of these series that are worth the time picking up and reading? Are there any specific gems in a series that is mostly generic dreck?

    BTW, funny thing about the Tales series (and some of the others where a player, or a baseball personality has their name attached), sometimes I'll see a player get interviewed on a talk show or whatnot, and the book will get treated as if it was a standard autobiography, not part of a series being produced by a specific publisher looking to cash in more on the name, rather than a person legitimately putting out their memoirs.
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