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    Anyone seen this? I'm not seeing a thread, though there is one about Pete Flynn's retirement as groundskeeper at Shea, and he's a crucial character in the movie. Not a baseball movie per se- it's mostly about the Billy Joel concert that was the last big event there- but there is a bit about the '69 and '86 championships, and Ron Darling and Mike Piazza are among the ex-players interviewed.

    This was actually quite an enjoyable movie, though I'm not much of a Billy Joel fan. Highlights include Flynn driving Paul McCartney to the stage in both 1965 and 2009, McCartney making it in time for his guest appearance by the skin of his teeth (helped by clearing airspace for his flight and a police escort across town- it's nice to be wealthy) and, actually some very nice interviews with Joel and various friends and family members. It could have been a mess with all the...ummm...bases it touches- the history of the park, the Beatles record-breaking appearance there in '65, Joel's history going back to his childhood on Long Island, the prevailing opinion as stated by, I think, Darling, that "it was a pit, but it was our pit," the move of the Giants and Dodgers out west followed by the town's love affair with the woeful '62 Mets- but it's pulled together nicely. Not to dwell on it, but my only complaint is there's far too much music from Joel. He's actually a surprisingly likeable guy, though, so fair play to him for his place in the stadium's history, as well as the people he included in it.
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