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    Ok, so it seems there are some knowledgable people here. While a lover of baseball since 1978 and an avid reader, it was not until recently that I started reading baseball books. The ones I read as a kid were well for kids and turned me off. I am reading Koppett's History currently....

    So I want to know about some players and was wondering if you could help. If I wanted to learn about a player what book would cover it and want me to find out more.....

    The players are:
    Tris Speaker
    Ty Cobb
    Mickey Mantle
    Honus Wagner
    Babe (already got some)
    Lou Gehrig
    Ted Williams
    Christy Mathewson
    Cy Young

    Anyone I am missing.......

    Thanks In Advance. I look forward to a good summer of reading!!!
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    You may want to read about Stan Musial in Stan the Man...Musial Then and Now by Stan Musial and Bob Broeg.
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      For Ty Cobb, stick with Charles Alexander and ignore the Stump book.

      A good Ted Williams book is Ted Williams: A Baseball Life by Seidel.
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        Originally posted by Gashouse6
        You may want to read about Stan Musial in Stan the Man...Musial Then and Now by Stan Musial and Bob Broeg.
        The players you mentioned are in the HOF. Any book on the HOF will tell you about them. Also, the Baseball Encyclopedia and other books like it will give you info on any player you want.
        The Baseball Almanac website is good for this too.

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          Tris Speaker - bio by gay
          Ty Cobb - all you can find
          Honus Wagner - bio by devaleria
          DiMaggio - bio by cramer
          Cy Young - bio by browning


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            Roberto Clemente, one of the most beloved players of all time who gets voted on a lot of overrated lists around here, just had a biography released by David Maraniss, a Pulitzer-Prize winner who wrote an incredible biography on Vince Lombardi that by no means sanctified the late football coach but was also fair. If the Clemente book follows that mold, I'd say it is a must-read.
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              Joe DiMaggio

              "The DiMaggio Albums" compiled by Richard Whittingham (1989) G.P. Putnam's Sons
              Volume 1 covers 1932-41 and Volume 2,1942-51 It's got 800 pages of reproduced newspaper and magazine articles and hundreds of photos.


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                I'm actually looking for books on the following people:

                Yogi Berra
                Mickey Mantle
                George Steinbrenner
                Yankees '09

                Arod, CC, AJ, DJ and Tex


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                  Walter Johnson

                  I highly recommend "Walter Johnson, Baseball's Big Train" by Henry Thomas (Johnson's grandson). It is a VERY highly regarded baseball bio of one of the all-time greats. Hardcover was published in 1995, I believe. Was subsequently released in paperback. Great book.


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                    Ted Williams

                    This is a great book.
                    Ted Williams: The Biography of an American Hero by Leigh Montville (writer for S.I. and formerly the Boston Globe.)

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                      If anyone is looking for a good baseball boak for children try Roots in the Outfield by Jane Z. Felder. It was written several years ago but it is great for kids!
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