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    Originally posted by Sultan_1895-1948 View Post
    In a rocking chair I guess
    Nah, Babe was in bed with a hooker in RF!!!

    Seriously, I thought Michael Moriarty and Vincent Gardenia were both excellent in "Bang The Drum Slowly"...not one of DeNiro's finest moments in my eyes, though.
    Lori Petty almost ruined "A League Of Their Own" for me with her overacting, she was even more annoying than Rosie O'Donnell screaming her head off nonstop. Luckily, Tom Hanks and Geena Davis were there to keep the movie on an even keel, while Jon Lovitz provided some awesome comic relief..."Haven't you heard of a LEASH?" after wading through the chickens, he killed me!!!
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      Belted number 710 off good ol' Ray Benge, huh? Awesome. Diz hit his career homer #5 off Benge, one of two he hit in the magical summer of 1934. In '35, Diz hit two more, one against Babe's Braves.
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        The John Goodman Babe Ruth portrayal was a crime against nature. If you want REAL honest acting and attention to detail, check out the old William Bendix Babe Ruth movie--the one where he's late for a game because he was helping an injured dog.
        You guys left out the kid who played Squints in Sandlot (can we vote for Wendy Peffercorn too? She deserves something just for the lifeguard outfit).

        How about Kevin Costner in Bull Durham? It was probably the pinnacle of his acting career.


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          Originally posted by dougw View Post

          How about Kevin Costner in Bull Durham? It was probably the pinnacle of his acting career.
          As well as Tin Cup. Costner essentially played the character, a smart ass jock. Sarandon, Robbins and Robert Wuhl were also very good in it.
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            Originally posted by Tyrus4189Cobb View Post
            Til the day I die I will say that he should have played Sandy Koufax in something.
            Scott Glenn would've made an awesome Lefty Grove.
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