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Hitting in the Clutch by Brad Bauer

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  • Hitting in the Clutch by Brad Bauer

    Has anyone read this book? I saw it on Amazon and it looks really good!:noidea

    Here is a link to it...

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    Ordered it...

    I ordered the book. I will let ya'll know how it is. FYI, if you are going to order it, order it from you can get a 10% discount and you can be entered in a drawing to win a Scotty P autographed baseball card!


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      finished it...

      I just finished reading Hitting in the Clutch and I would highly recommend it to anyone (baseball lover or not). It's a quick read and was very entertaining. There were some parts I was laughing so hard I cried. I give it two thumbs up!


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        This book ROCKED...I couldn't stop laughing...I would recommend it to EVERYONE...


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          Let's see here, wheatxs joins and makes three posts about this book (also used same ID at other forums with same posts) and chippy joins today, just happens to stumble across a thread that was two months old, and can't help but mention the book in all four of his posts. Not to mention both of them have the same IP. Some coincidence, wouldn't you say?

          You boys obviously don't know the meaning of subtlety or the soft sell
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            the book really is good!

            Well, I don't know about wheatxs or chippy, but I did read it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is very funny, I DID laugh out loud several times and I would definitely recommend it.

            I have NO connection with the author or anyone else connected to it!



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