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Pete Rose joins Fox as an analyst

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  • Pete Rose joins Fox as an analyst

    This is pretty surprising considering how polarizing Pete is....

    With that said, he knows the game inside and out, but can he effectively communicate that knowledge? One wonders....
    “Well, I like to say I’m completely focused, right? I mean, the game’s on the line. It’s not like I’m thinking about what does barbecue Pop Chips and Cholula taste like. Because I already know that answer — it tastes friggin’ awesome!"--Brian Wilson

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    Ehh, sadly, I've come to the conclusion that Pete Rose must be bigger than baseball.

    But, actually this probably wouldnt bother me, if it wasnt for the fact that this almost assuredly a publicity stunt, by the pro-pardon side. (it is possible I am extra paranoid this weekend, but I doubt it, it just seems too obvious). But, otherwise, as long as it isnt MLB affiliation, he can do anything he wants.


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